photo: Instagram / Ariana Grande

We can't keep up with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. There's already speculation that the two will get back together. Sources are telling People that the former couple still plans on hanging out with each other. 

While Grande has returned her engagement ring, it appears she has no plans to stop seeing Davidson altogether. Who knows in what capacity? Many of Grande's fans couldn't help but express pride at Davidson's dismissal as boyfriend — now some are upset at the prospect of a reunion.

So Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called it quits over the weekend. 

Since then, Grande returned her $93,000 engagement ring (one that she allegedly bought). She is planning on keeping Piggy Smalls (thank god). 

The rumors have already began that the two could get back together. 

“Their engagement is off, but they still plan on spending time together,” a source told People. “It’s not like they split and never plan on seeing each other again. They just decided to slow things down.”

“She realized that planning a wedding right now felt very rushed. It’s not what she wants to do right now. She doesn’t want to make any rushed decisions, and has decided to take a step back instead.”

“They totally could get back together because who knows with those two,” the insider told People. “Honestly, who knows — they were fully together on Saturday.”

“It’s not totally over. She supported him at SNL this weekend, and with them, you never know,” the source said. “The engagement being called off was very sudden. They put on this front of being so happy, but there were lots of fights and struggles behind the scenes.”

Many are speculating as to what still hanging out means when a couple has freshly broken their engagement off. 

Could they still be hooking up? 

Some are happy that Grande has finally "broken free" so to speak.