You know what they say: Another day, another piece of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson (Petiana?) news. 

No form of PDA is off limits for these two. First, it was makeup shopping hand-in-hand, then it was tattoos, then it was matching hair-dye jobs.

And now, it's tattoos. Again. Maybe.

Ariana Grande has a new tattoo that fans assume is all for Pete Davidson.

Mostly because it's on her LEFT RING FINGER.

photo: Giphy

A ring is one thing, but a ringer finger tattoo? That's commitment right there, baby.

It's this one right here, just underneath her astonishingly massive engagement ring.

Upon seeing it, half of Grande's fans immediately assumed it said "pete" and naturally assumed the fetal position.

But those who took a very close look could tell that "p" doesn't look much like a "p." In fact, it looks like an "a." 

Rather than "pete," the other half of Ari stans saw "arte," the Italian word for... well, art.

IS IT "PETE" OR IS IT "ARTE." This is like the dress all over again but way worse.

My firm stance is that it's "arte," but that doesn't necessarily mean this tattoo isn't for Davidson.

Could "ARiana" + "peTE" = "ARTE?"

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Whether or not this ring-finger ink is for Davison doesn't matter much at the end of the day because the couple already has two matching tattoos (that we know of).

One of which is a tribute to Davidson's father, a firefighter who died in action during 9/11.

Clearly this duo is very much in love and has no plans of going anywhere for the time being.

Like, just look at how stupid-happy Davidson is watching Grande film her latest music video.


photo: Giphy

Anyway, here's the "God Is A Woman" video because it's so good it's the only thing that matters to me anymore.

Watch it while you decide if you're on team "pete" or "arte."