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Ariana Grande tweeted some pessimistic tweets, and fans are concerned. Considering all that Grande has been through in the past few years, her moment of exhaustion is not unwarranted. 

Fans were quick to show the "No Tears Left To Cry" singer their support and some even apologized. Others wondered if recent comments by her current fiancé Pete Davidson that were a bit freaking crass set her off. 

Fans are concerned about a few of Grande's recent tweets. Considering the past few years she has had, I think Grande's bout of pessimism is completely understandable. 

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In the past couple of years, Grande has endured the Manchester bombing (a horrific terrorist attack at one of her shows) and an unfortunate breakup with Mac Miller due to his addiction — only to lose him to that addiction shortly thereafter. 

Moreover, considering that Grande tweeted these messages last night, when most women in America were saying similar things due to their exasperation with the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. 

Oof. Disparaging your old self's optimism — who hasn't felt that way on some days?

Fans were quick to show their support for Grande in her time of apparent exasperation. 

Many thought that her tweets might be about a few of her fiancé Pete Davidson's comments. Davidson said he had "never been prouder" that Bill Clinton was ogling Grande because she was "hot" and that he felt bad for the bishop who allegedly groped Grande on camera. 

One fan even went so far as to apologize to Grande, who even responded. 

One of my favorite songs by Grande is "No Tears Left to Cry." It's about holding onto a positive feeling, because sadness is so exhausting that after you've endured so much of it, you almost have to purge it and replace that emptiness with something better. I don't think that's uncommon for anyone trying to cope with something heavy. But sometimes you're just too tired to put a smile on...