Ariana Grande is having a moment this week — OK, well, she's always having a moment these days, but she's really having another moment this week. On Monday, April 1, she dropped an unexpected, never-before-heard song called "Monopoly" with one of her best friends, Victoria Monét.

In the adorably uplifting song and sequential video, Grande sings a line about liking "men and women," which sent the internet into a major tizzy. Some fans immediately began to question whether or not this was Grande's sly way of coming out as bisexual. Other fans skipped the contemplation stage entirely and rushed to social media to congratulate the singer on her unconfirmed coming out.

Though Grande's sexuality — or anyone's sexuality, for that matter — is none of anyone's business, people have continued to probe, seeking a hard yes or no answer as to whether Grande intended to come out with a song. It appears she reached a point where she could no longer refuse to address the rumors and finally clarified what she meant by her viral lyrics.

And honestly? Her answer is one we should all consider when attempting to label our own at-times confusing sexual preferences.