Ariana Grande is busy on her worldwide Sweetener and Thank U, Next tour but took time to sit down for an in-depth profile with Vogue and to create a video for "In My Head" from her latest album. 

In the interview with the magazine, the 26-year-old discussed some of the tragedies she experienced in the past year and how she has coped through music. The musician also shared how her music has evolved, and that she is able to craft more personal songs as opposed to mainstream pop hits. Speaking about her pop hits, she got into how she feels about her younger fans singing and dancing along to some of those blatantly sexual songs. 

Ariana Grande's Vogue interview was one of the most revealing public conversations the star has ever had. 

The interview covered everything from the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, her emotional Coachella performance, the toll the Manchester bombing took on the singer's mental health, the subsequent PTSD she has experienced, and her short-lived engagement to comedian Pete Davidson. The important people and animals in her life also got highlighted in the cover story like her pup Toulouse that is often spotted on tour with her and in various music videos. 

Plus the conversation led to the musician's evolving catalog of music and the sometimes sexual nature of mainstream pop songs. 

As the artist discussed her changing musical tastes and her two most personal albums to date, her former hit "Side to Side" came into question. 

One fan shared the entire "Side to Side" performance from a recent show in her world tour. The song has been a mainstay in the set list and is beloved for its raunchy connotation. As Grande talked about establishing herself in the pop music sphere by producing songs for listens. 

"A lot of my singles have been hilariously lacking in substance. You’re talking to someone who put ‘Side to Side’ out as a single. I love that song, but it’s just a fun song about sex," she said. 

Pretty much the entirety of Grande's Dangerous Woman album consisted of songs about sex, a vast difference from her childhood acting career on Nickelodeon. 

Her 2016 album was a clear jump towards more adult content, songs like "Everyday" and "Side To Side." Not only were the songs' lyrics about sex, but their videos also featured visually suggestive material. In the Vogue interview, Grande suggested that her sexual songs could be a learning experience for her young fans, and that it could open up a conversation for parents to talk to their kids about sexual health. 

It's clear from this Tonight Show segment that many (if not most) of her fans are young teens.

The former child star has fans of varying ages, thanks in part to getting her start in the children's TV show Victorious. Her young fans won't stop the star from producing content she identifies with, even if it's sexual in nature.

"They’re for sure gonna have it. I promise. I promise that your kid’s gonna have sex. So if she asks you what the song’s about, talk about it," the singer told Vogue

The in-depth interview opened the star up to talking about her experiences with trauma. 

"I have to be the luckiest girl in the world, and the unluckiest, for sure. I’m walking this fine line between healing myself and not letting the things that I’ve gone through be picked at before I’m ready, and also celebrating the beautiful things that have happened in my life and not feeling scared that they’ll be taken away from me because trauma tells me that they will be, you know what I mean?" Grande said in the interview. 

Along with her cover story, the magazine organized the creation of a video for "In My Head." 

"In My Head" is one of Grande's most personal songs on Thank U, Next and is rumored to be about her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. 

"Her new cover video featuring 'In My Head,' one of the most revealing, intimate songs from her February release Thank U, Next, takes this confessional tendency literally, as Grande dances, shoulder-pops, poses, and struts around inside the white room of her own mind," the magazine captioned an Instagram post about the video. 

In true Ariana style, a subsequent behind-the-scenes video was released, too. 

Grande's pal and resident backstage cinematographer Alfredo Flores directed an inside-look at the creation of the trippy video. The pop icon's signature ponytail and thigh-high boots were the star of the show. Back-up dancers adorned green-screen suits and masks to create the floating boots and ponytail visuals.