Um, surprise! Ariana Grande is the new ambassador for Starbucks. The singer and brand just revealed the news this week along with two variations of a new, Ari-inspired drink. Aside from the duo posting a bunch of mysterious cloud emojis the other day, the duo didn't tease the collaboration much, so this is majorly unexpected. 

The vanilla-flavored drink contains espresso and features a caramel drizzle that "floats" on top of its own "cloud." We know Grande loves space and cloud emojis, so this drink's aesthetic is so fitting.

Ariana Grande is the newest Starbucks ambassador. 

Starbucks has named the "Thank U, Next" singer its newest ambassador, and it confirmed the news by retweeting Grande. The tweet features four photos of Grande wearing a Starbucks apron and drinking from a Starbucks cup with her name on it alongside her dogs and Starbucks employees. So cute.

The coffee chain just unveiled two new drinks inspired by Grande.

Starbucks shared the two new drinks on a literal cloud on Instagram. They're called the Iced Cloud Macchiatos, which come in both caramel and cinnamon flavors. The caption states the drinks are "so light and fluffy they’re basically a cloud in a cup." 

But be careful, vegans! The "clouds" in these drinks are made with egg whites. You can also get the drinks hot, and they're available right now. 

Starbucks has been teasing its fans with mysterious clouds, the only hint this was even a possibility.

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☁☁☁☁ ????

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Just a day before the reveal, Starbucks posted a bunch of cloud-based content on its Instagram, including this ASMR-ish post of someone cutting cloud-shaped sand.

The brand encouraged followers to create their own "cloud name" too.

One of the cloud pictures looked a little suspicious to Grande's fans, who suspected something was up.

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☁✨ sound on ☁✨

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This cloud looks like it's made of sugar. Sugar is a type of sweetener, and of course that's the name of Grande's latest album. All the signs pointed to some kind of collaboration between Starbucks and Grande.

Grande teased the collaboration in an even more subtle way. 

Grande posted about her mysterious new release on her Instagram story and on Twitter. On her story, she posted a countdown to the reveal of ~something~ new. On Twitter, she simply tagged Starbucks with some cloud, heart, and coffee emojis with the March 5 date.

The drink itself is a light, vanilla-based espresso drink with adorable marshmallow clouds.

According to the Starbucks app, the new drink is "light and airy with layers of fluffy foam, cascading espresso, vanilla-flavored syrup, and a drizzle of caramel served over ice. It's a whole new way to love your Macchiato." 

Starbucks saw an opportunity and took it when they tweeted lyrics from "7 Rings."

"You want it, we got it. You want it, we got it. You like our cloud? Gee thanks, just made it. #CloudMacchiato," the chain shared.