Ariana Grande is a marketing queen. The singer took advantage of her wildly successful and creative music video to sell her new fragrance of the same name. 

The music video paid homage to some of the classic '00s chick flicks. These female- empowerment movies heavily inspired the artist, and the "Thank U, Next" music video was filled to the brim with references. Plus, it featured some of her closest friends, former costars, and even a few actors from the original movies. 

Now she's dropped a sequel to that iconic video that has a similar vibe and touches on two film inspirations, Mean Girls and Bring It On

The new video features a similar montage of interviews inspired by Mean Girls.

Grande's "Thank U, Next" music video opened with her friends dressed as high schoolers gossiping about her in the same way that the teens at North Shore talked about Regina George. The sequel features a similar onslaught of gossip, including from Grande herself. The singer was dressed in her Bring It On garb to promote her new fragrance.

The Thank U, Next and Cloud fragrances are available at Ulta.

Grande has created two signature scents: One has hints of raspberry that is touched on in the advertisement by Colleen Ballinger, and the other smells like coconuts. The pop star shared these gorgeous images, posing with the perfume bottles that were inspired by her breakup anthem just ahead of the fragrances' launch. Multiple sizes are available at Ulta for $40 to $60.

The original video racked up more than 427 million views on YouTube.

The wildly popular video featured so many celebrities close to the artist, and references to iconic movies like Legally Blonde and 13 Going on 30. Grande also shared a series of behind-the-scenes videos about the making of the extensive music video directed by Hannah Lux Davis. It only makes sense that Grande would create a part two for her fragrance that has the same name.