Ariana Grande and her friends recreated scenes from Adam Sandler movies.
photo: Splash News

Ariana Grande is keeping her fans and herself entertained with scenes from Adam Sandler's goofy comedy The Waterboy

Grande is obviously a huge fan, and so are some of her famous pals. The singer gathered up her friends, and her adorable mother Joan, to re-create some of the scenes in lip sync videos on Instagram. Adam Sandler even approved of the homage, and commented on the videos. 

Grande has been singing for fans, and sharing elements of her quarantine life, which include pets, some friends, and possibly a new beau.

The Waterboy is an Adam Sandler classic, and scenes like these are well known by fans.

Sandler's goofy comedies aren't loved by everyone, but those who do laugh at the actor are die-hard fans. Grande is one of them, and she re-created this scene from the 1998 movie. Sandler plays Bobby Boucher Jr., who was raised by an overprotective mother and is stuck in a childlike state. Boucher is the waterboy for a college football team, when he gets picked up by a rival team as a linebacker and proves he's got what it takes to play the game.

Ariana Grande, her mom Joan, and Liz Gillies re-created the scene.

Grande shared a few hilarious lip sync versions of the Sandler comedy. Quite possibly the best part of the whole scene was Grande's mom, Joan, giving it her all. They got every element down perfectly, even the urine-soaked sheet.

Ariana's brother Frankie Grande was obsessed with the clip.

Grande wrote, "MAMMA!! ARI!!! LIZ!!! I. CANT. WITH. THIS. BRILLIANCE!!!!" Even Adam Sandler appreciated the homage and commented, "A tough day for Bobby...Vicki...and Mama."

Grande re-created a second scene with her pals from the Adam Sandler movie.

Of course, Grande is abiding by all social distancing rules, and included her friends via video chat. Grande captioned the clip, "and how’d u all make use of YOUR day ?" In her second video she wrote, "another super productive day."

Sandler, himself, approved of the re-creation.

Sandler imagined that his character Bobby Boucher would have appreciated the shout-out. If Grande is binge-watching Adam Sandler movies, let's keep the re-creations coming. Sandler commented, "Bobby Boucher approves of this message."

The scene was done to perfection.

The TikTok-style video featured an impeccable acting performance from every person. Grande and her former Victorious costar Liz Gillies proudly showed off their acting abilities in their rendition of this iconic scene.