For decades, even centuries, the topic of mental health has been one that has isolated many. Even in my own personal grapplings, I found it hard to speak to others when I knew that something just wasn't right. However, as time went on, and more and more people close to me spoke up, it became clear just how many people around you can and probably are dealing with similar issues. 

And in a society that is arguably in absolute shambles — politically, socially, and every way in-between — there's one thing that we can be proud of: Issues surrounding mental health are becoming less and less stigmatized. In a variety of communities of different cultures and backgrounds, people are more accepting to therapy, medication, and understanding that mental illness is a real thing. It's not someone being dramatic, or simply being "crazy"; it's a deep and complex understanding of one's mind. One of the things that has led to this ever-expanding acceptance is celebrities of all platforms willing to be vocal about their own struggles. 

One celebrity leading the charge is Ariel Winters: The 21-year-old Modern Family star has become more of an advocate over the years, and we are stanning. She's spoken out about body positivity, defended the defenseless against trolls on Twitter, and continues to play a huge role for a variety of charities. And now she's getting real about her own struggles and how that has affected her weight, and it's exactly what we needed to hear.