Ariel Winter wearing red lipstick
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From clapping back at paparazzi to silencing her slut shamers, "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter had a hectic 2017. 

Fed up with the constant criticism, Winter understandably decided to retreat from the spotlight and has kept a low profile since ringing in 2018. 

Despite dating a fellow actor, Winter has made very few red carpet appearances this year. She went from posting multiple Instagrams per day to barely posting per week, and she's even resorted to wearing a towel over her face whenever she steps out in public. 

Ariel Winter wearing a towel over her face in public


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But after taking a few months for herself, Winter has finally re-emerged back into the public eye. On Wednesday, she attended the "Pacific Rim Uprising" premiere to support her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, who has a part in the film. Then on Thursday, she hit the red carpet for "The Last Movie Star" premiere.

The back-to-back red carpet appearances are a sign that Winter is back in action. 

Her outfit of choice for her heavily-anticipated return? A glamorous, old Hollywood-inspired gown and a classic red lip. 

Ariel Winter is back in the spotlight
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She stunned in her sparkly golden gown.

It had been a tough few months for Winter, but her confidence radiated. 

Did Ariel Winter drop out of school?
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During her red carpet interviews, Winter revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she's doing more for her own self-care, including taking time off from school.

“I do love UCLA, but at the moment I’m taking a break from it so I can continue to pursue my career and also try to have a little bit more of a life because I’ve been so busy,” Winter explained. “That’s really it at the moment. But I think education’s really important. I love being there. I love learning. I will continue to keep learning.”

She told ET that staying out of the spotlight was a hard but necessary decision.

Ariel Winter and her boyfriend
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“I think the key to doing that is to try to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible unless you’re doing something that you want people to see,” Winter continued. “Having every little aspect of your life in the public eye is really hard because it leaves more room for criticism and I just want to live.”

It's great to see Winter looking happy, healthy, and re-energized. 

Ariel Winter is a form-fitting gold gown
photo: Splash News

She's back and better than ever!

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