Last summer, Ariel Winter wore a pair of denim short-shorts on the red carpet — and the internet lost it.

Ariel Winter naked shorts
photo: Splash News

Many fans applauded the "Modern Family" actress for rocking the daring look — but others felt compelled to slut-shame her for *gasp* wearing shorts in the summer heat. 

Cue the eye rolls.

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Winter brushed off the hateful commentary — but when brutal slut-shaming happened AGAIN this summer, she refused to stay silent. 

Earlier this week, Winter went shopping with a friend. She was enjoying her day, minding her own business...

Ariel Winter
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...until photos of her cheeky outfit surfaced on the internet.

Ariel Winter shorts
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For her outing, Winter chose to wear a pair of denim shorts and a casual T-shirt — you know, a normal shopping outfit. 

But trolls were ENRAGED to see Winter was showing some skin. They blasted her on social media, calling her a "whore" for wearing her go-to shorts. 

Winter attempted to shut down the haters with a curt tweet.

Ariel Winter
photo: Twitter

"Yes people I live in shorts," she wrote. "Who cares."

But the ignorant, sexist trolls didn't quit.

Ariel Winter shorts slut-shamers
photo: Twitter
Ariel Winter shorts slut shaming
photo: Twitter

Fed up with the rude comments, Winter posted a full rant on Twitter. She slammed the haters who called her a "whore" for trying to "squeeze" into standard summertime attire.

Ariel Winter Twitter rant shorts slut-shaming
photo: Twitter

"Pretty annoyed about the focus on the fact that I wear shorts, and the commentary that I'm 'squeezing' into them or the idea that it's not okay for me to wear shorts," Winter began. "It's SUMMER. Get over it. It's hot, I'm obviously going to wear minimal clothes."

"I'm not going to suffer in a turtleneck to please anyone. I'm not a whore because I wear shorts and tank tops."

"I'm a normal girl," she added.

She then turned her attention to the body shamers who told her to buy a larger size.

"Also, I'm not 'squeezing' into anything," Winter continued. "My shorts fit me and everything I'm doing is just fine. Please leave young women alone. We're just living our lives. It's really troubling that we even have to deal with this kind of stuff nowadays. Please stop criticizing everything everyone does!" 

"Rant over!" Winter concluded, effectively shutting down her trolls with one spot-on tweet.

Ariel Winter in short shorts
photo: Instagram/@arielwinter

Hear that, haters?

It's summer. It's hot. Let Winter live.