Arielle Charnas would like you to know that she tested positive for COVID-19. And despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has very clear coronavirus guidelines — including not leaving the house a minimum of seven days after infection — Charnas and her family have decamped from her Manhattan home to the Hamptons. Folks, please stay at home.

That's not all. Charnas' tone-deafness on this issue is raising a lot of questions. One Twitter user compiled the evidence into a thread, and it will have you scratching your head. Grab some popcorn.

Charnas started feeling sick a couple weeks ago.

Writer Sophie Ross helpfully lays out the timeline of Charnas' strange COVID-19 situation.  As Ross explains, Charnas "posted about feeling sick" on "3/15," listing her symptoms as "fever, chills," and a sore throat.

Note: Ross's screenshots of the March 15 receipts doesn't have a date stamp, as you can see. On March 17, she did post about getting sick. "It’s been 4 days since I started feeling incredibly sick," she wrote — indicating the earliest date her sickness began would have been March 13.

We all know what happened next.

Charnas then famously called up her health care friends and obtained a drive-through coronavirus test — despite the fact that, in New York City, testing is still not where it needs to be. She documented the process on her Instagram Stories, becoming a case study in how privileged people have better access to lifesaving care.

She also posted a Louis Vuitton unboxing...

...IN HER CAR WHILE GETTING A COVID-19 TEST. It takes a lot to shock me, but apparently Charnas decided that moment would be the perfect time to show off her new Louis Vuitton bag.

Note: Ross indicates that she doesn't have screenshots of the unboxing, but states that confirmation come from Diet Prada.

Charnas announces that she's positive.

Next, Charnas posts the results of her test — she's positive. Her next two Instagram posts are long mea culpas about recognizing her privilege, and how her husband and children aren't currently showing any symptoms. 

She writes that she's going to stop talking about being sick on her March 17 post. "This is the last time I’m going to talk about feeling sick right now on my Instagram and move on to the things that make me happy, like my kids, family life, fashion and work," she wrote. 

"If it offends anyone or seems as though I’m being insensitive during this time, I’m sorry but it’s what I’ve chosen to do. Back to regular content/programming."

"Regular content/programming" resumes.

Charnas posts on TikTok. She shares made-up Instagram posts of herself and her kids. She's definitely not self-quarantining, or appearing to put any precautions in place for her family. Which, in all fairness, she could have been doing behind the scenes, but that's doubtful, considering her next step.

Charnas flees New York City for the Hamptons!!!!

As Ross notes, Charnas and her family leave Manhattan and head to their house in the Hamptons, eight days after testing positive and a few days after she said her husband was feeling sick. This is not keeping with the CDC guidelines, which state that COVID-19 patients can stop isolation after seven days if they no have other symptoms

Even if Charnas was totally 100% free of infection, if her husband was sick, the guidelines are clear: The family should have stayed home.

Charnas hears the whispers.

Naturally, folks begin speculating that Charnas may have been, well, not 100% truthful about getting COVID-19. She posts a video addressing the rumors. Ross writes, "[Charnas says she] 'would never lie about having coronavirus, that’s disgusting' & also says it’s not true that she used wealth to get a test."

Aaaand the comments begin.

Charnas has over a million followers on Instagram. Comments begin flooding in, questioning why she was posing for photos outside, playing with her kids, and why she left New York City in the first place. Lots of comments. So many comments. Charnas addresses none of them.

Where are we now?

Well, Charnas seems to be sticking with "regular content/programming." As Ross notes, she is back to posting outfit photos. Whether or not this is tone deaf is a subjective matter — it is her job to be fashionable on social media, after all — but her silence on her COVID-19 situation is irresponsible and smacks of privilege. It's unsafe. It puts people, including her own family, at risk.

There's drama that I didn't even cover in this story.

Ross's entire thread is worth reading. There is also tea regarding Charnas' family (her sister moved into a new apartment, possibly exposing the movers?!) and weird, problematic things that her husband is saying. Yikes. It's a lot, folks. Enjoy the drama, but please stay home, wash your hands, and be safe.