Ashley Graham
photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham

What can't Ashley Graham do?

She's a plus-size model, a Vogue cover star, a judge on "America's Next Top Model," the mastermind behind a new lingerie line for Addition Elle, and a music-video vixen. Graham was the face of H&M Studio's Fall 2016 line and one of the faces of Christian Siriano’s collection for Lane Bryant.

Hell, Graham was even a Barbie doll.

But like the body-positive powerhouse that she is, Graham has more up her sleeve. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Graham laid out her goals for the upcoming year — and the model has some very exciting potential career plans in mind.

In 2017, Ashley Graham would like to:


Score even *more* magazine covers.

Ashley Graham Vogue cover
photo: Vogue

Graham told ET that she has her eyes on the prize: landing high-profile magazine covers.

Last year, Graham conquered two major cover feats: In summer 2016, her curvy body graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition. She successfully broke body-pos barriers as the first plus-size model to ever appear on the bikini-clad cover. 

Then in December, she nabbed her first Vogue cover and became the first plus-size model in British Vogue's history to be featured on the front of the magazine. 

Hoping to keep up the momentum, Graham said she'd like to appear on even more covers in 2017. 


Unleash her inner "Broadway woman."

Ashley Graham
photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham

Graham can already see her name in lights. 

“I actually feel like there is a Broadway woman living inside of me and she’s never really been able to come out," she said, playfully adding that her inability to carry a tune might pose as a problem. "But deep down in there, she wants to come out. I do love Disney songs!" 

For her Broadway debut, Graham said she dreams of starring as Princess Jasmine in a musical rendition of Disney's "Aladdin." (And we know she'd slay “A Whole New World.")


Host a talk show.

Ashley Graham talk show host
photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham

Now that she's had an opportunity to fine-tune her television skills on "ANTM," Graham would like to show off her hosting abilities with her own talk show. 

“I’ve always talked about having my own talk show,” she revealed. “I think that would be a lot of fun. Maybe in 2017.” 


Star in a movie or television series.

Ashley Graham actress
photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham

The model isn't opposed to adding "actress" to her long list of career titles. 

“If somebody wrote a part for me, I’m not going to deny taking it,” she insisted. 


Become a Bond Girl.

Ashley Graham Bond Girl
photo: Instagram/@theashleygraham

Graham said she'd be willing to make her leap into the acting world by way of the James Bond franchise — but she has one request. 

“The only way I would be able to be a Bond Girl is if Idris Elba was James Bond,” Graham insisted. “He is just so fine. He’s confident. He is sexy and he looks like the type of man that just takes charge.”

How much would it cost to lock in Graham?

“I would do it for free,” she stated before adding, “Don’t tell my agent that, though.” 

Sounds like Graham has a busy year ahead.