Around this time last year, plus-size model Ashley Graham just landed the S.I. Swimsuit Issue cover and started on her journey to becoming a household name. 

But before Graham was designing her own swim line or killin' it as a judge on "America's Next Top Model," there was one superfan who was always in her corner: her very hot husband Justin Ervin.

If you follow Graham on social media, you've caught glimpses of this stud — but he's even better beneath the surface. 

For one, he is no scrub. Justin Ervin is a cinematographer who's worked on a few award-winning documentaries ("Elephant in the Room") and smaller budget films.

He also worked on "Paranormal State," which is inexplicably delightful to me. 

He's definitely down with the G-O-D.

photo: Instagram/mrjustinervin

He even snaps scripture for his Insta stories. 

In fact, he met Ashley at church.

When she got engaged in 2010, she told People:

“We come from different backgrounds, but we have the same viewpoints on religion and family,” she said.

They've now been married for six years. 

He's a patient, respectful dude.

When he first met his super-sexy wife, intercourse was off the table

He's got a thing against "terrible tattoos."

And has no qualms putting them on blast. 

He's an insanely talented artist.

He's Ashley's designated workout buddy.

One peep at Ashley's Instagram and you'll see Justin make a debut in almost all of her training videos. 

He's a BOMB AF photographer.

This photo of John Ventimiglia is just the tip of the talent iceberg.  

He's a proud activist.

If you follow him on Instagram, in addition to a feed full of memes raising awareness for various causes, his documentarian work centers around activism. 

It's official: These two are GOALS.