Ashley Graham is a plus-size supermodel, and Lizzo is a plus-size rapper. 

Both women are working hard to shake the sizeism in their perspective industries, which is why V Magazine couldn't have picked a better duo for a Q&A session about body positivity.

For its latest issue, V Magazine brought in Graham to interview Lizzo about her recent successes. Naturally, body diversity was brought up, and both Graham and Lizzo spit some major truth bombs about the current state of size inclusivity.

Although Graham and Lizzo are proud of the progress that's been made in body diversity, they're still concerned that their body types are only "trendy" for the time being.

Ashley Graham and Lizzo's music video
photo: Swimsuits For All

While chatting about the future of diversity in media and the music industry, Lizzo told Graham that she *has* seen a shift toward inclusivity.

However, she noted that women who are "actually pushing forward" in inclusiveness have to continue fighting so that "it doesn’t become a fad."

"I agree 100 percent," Graham responded. "I mean, being in the game for 17 years and then seeing everything pop off in the last couple of years is like, why now? Are we just gonna be another trend, and all of a sudden all the curvy girls are gone?"

Graham emphasized the need for role models like Lizzo. 

Who is Lizzo?
photo: Splash News

"I really feel like fashion starts trends, but it’s everybody else who makes it a movement — the media, TV, movies, entertainment in general — so we need you, Lizzo," Graham, who recently starred in a music video with the rapper, insisted. 

"We need you, too," Lizzo replied. "You were such a big deal to me when you were doing the Lane Bryant ads. I’d never seen anything like that in my whole life."

Graham and Lizzo are committed to changing the conversation about size and what it means to be a plus-size woman.

"So many people come up to us and say, 'How do you get your confidence? Where does it come from?' Or like, 'Where does your body love come from?," Graham lamented. "But are they asking that to women who haven’t had to embrace their curves and their cellulite and their back fat? No. But I think it’s important that we continue to talk about those issues."

Lizzo added, "The number-one question women who rap get all the time is, “When someone’s like, “When did you learn to love yourself? You’re so brave,” you’re perpetuating the idea that I had to learn how to love myself because I’m fat, and that I’m brave for wearing a bikini. Don’t perpetuate that. That should be normalized as much as a slim girl in a bikini."

They refuse to let body diversity become a "trend."

Ashley Graham and Lizzo in a Swimsuits For All music video
photo: Swimsuits For All

Graham and Lizzo want the world to know that ALL shapes and sizes are here to stay. 

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