Lots of things happen to human bodies when they get pregnant — other than the obvious bun baking in the oven! Strange food cravings (my mom famously ate six boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats the day before she went into labor with me), morning sickness, weight gain, and stretch marks. It's normal! It happens! Toxic beauty standards can make us ashamed of this very real fact of life, but Ashley Graham is pregnant and here to remind us that stretch marks aren't just natural — they're beautiful, too.

Graham bared it all on Instagram.

Graham posed semi-nude in an Instagram photo, sharing her pregnancy curves and stretch marks. "Same same but a little different," she captioned the stunning photo, while keeping the Instagram-unfriendly parts of her body covered.

She recently announced her pregnancy with husband Justin Ervin. Heart emoji here!

"Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life. It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world! Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY!," she wrote on Instagram, making every eye in the room misty :')

Her maternity looks are FIRE.

"Can’t wait to meet you," she posted alongside a photo of herself in a bright green freakum dress. Graham's maternity style is majorly crucial, and I'm taking notes for when I get pregz. One stretchy tank dress in every color, please!

She is not shying away from showing us all what pregnancy is really like.

"Naps are a new non-negotiable," Graham captioned a bikini Instagram post. She's tuckered out, and is still slaying. After all, one thing a pregnant body needs is lots of rest — and Graham is sleeping for two in style.

Graham's fans were sweet and supportive.

"It’s a lot of us who's body looks just like this....and this is Beautiful," wrote Twitter user @ms_yovan  in a comment to E!'s story about Graham. "We do not all look alike so this might help someone feel great about themselves!" True facts!

Seriously, these comments will make it rain on your face.

Check out some of these comments! Fans were quick to congratulate her for displaying her confidence and reminding us that all bodies are worthy of validation and love.

"What I see is confidence, acceptance, and being an inspiration to everyone that feels awkward about their own bodies. All that makes you kind and very attractive from inside out, keep it up and congratulations on the baby," wrote Instagram user @geanninamejia.

"The point of this is not to say that a certain size is the only thing that is beautiful. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that is the point. It is the confidence and the self love that is the point," wrote Instagram user @sheilaazaricarealestate.

"I showed my husband this photo and he said, 'See! She’s just like you.' I am almost 21 weeks pregnant and I’ve been struggling with my changing body. I love how much you embrace it. I’ve always looked up to you and your confidence. Congratulations on your babe!" wrote Instagram user @hippieparades.

This is a huge moment for plus-size women.

While stretch marks occur regardless of body size, it's especially important for us to see them on plus-size bodies, who are already marginalized by garbage standards of beauty. Graham reminds us that pregnancy happens to plus-size bodies and that stretch marks are totally, completely normal as you gain that much-needed baby weight.