If you still don't believe that thin privilege is a thing, think about this: A thin woman posing with characteristically "unhealthy" food is going to be applauded for her appetite, while a plus-size woman posing with the same exact food will be health-trolled, body-shamed, and sent a flurry of various animal emojis.

As a result, plus-size women avoid posing with photos of mass amounts of food, just to avoid the shaming that's bound to follow.

Ashley Graham's latest Instagram takes that idea and spins it on its head.

Graham has posed alongside food before, though it's usually been in the realm of "healthy" — salads, green juices, the like. She posed alongside food that's stereotypically attached to weight loss and mindful eating, food that, as a curvy woman, won't get her slammed with fat-shaming, "health-concerned" trolls.

In the photo above, she's posing alongside a feast of pizza, pasta, cheese, wine, and what looks like pretzel sticks. And she looks like she gives negative fucks what anyone, troll or otherwise, thinks of her.

Traditionally, the only women who aren't given hell when they pose next to photos of carbs are thin women.

The photo above went viral earlier this summer for that very reason. A thin girl seemingly devoured an artery-clogging meal, and she got praise for it. A plus-size girl posed in a bikini with no food in sight, and was eviscerated. How is that OK?

Additionally, when curvy or plus-size women do pose with food, it's usually shown in a fetishized, hyper-sexualized way. Graham just looks like she's enjoying the hell out of that pizza.

Graham's post is one giant middle finger to the idea that curvy women have to feel shame for eating "guilty pleasure" food.

Graham's post didn't just show that she doesn't give a flying fuck what people think of her, but it showed that women of ALL sizes can pose with food and still be sexy, beautiful, and the embodiment of #goals.

Graham's fans were so here for it.

No more hiding, no more shame.

She inadvertently encouraged others to not give a fuck how people see them.

No shame in having #foodgoals.

But mostly, she had people going "same."

She better not be sharing that glorious carb-y feast.

Team #NoRegrets.

More importantly, we wonder if she used that pizza crust in a Nutella dip.