In March, Ashley Graham broke the internet when she was spotted wearing a butt-baring, "Baywatch"-inspired swimsuit while straddling a jet ski. 

Ashley Graham in her Baywatch-inspired swimsuit
photo: Twitter/@TheCeleb_Zone

The plus-size model is dropping jaws once again — but this time, she stepped out onto the streets wearing nothing but her undies. 

Graham casually stepped out for a stroll in New York City wearing just her underwear.

She paired high-wasted black booty shorts with a sheer bra and white sneakers. 

The body-positive champion made no effort to hide her cellulite. She proudly put her backside on full display.

Ashley Graham's cellulite
photo: Twitter/@LegionMediaa

Earlier this year, Graham shared an up-close photo of her cellulite on Instagram to prove that every part of her body is beautiful. 

"I'm not ashamed of a few lumps," Graham told her followers.

Graham appeared to be on-set for a photo shoot.

She was likely shooting a new campaign for her lingerie line with Addition Elle.

She covered herself in chalk and did a set of squats for the workout-themed shoot.

She's been hitting the gym hard

Graham looked like a total fitness pro, but as usual, it was her confidence that stole the show.

Ashley Graham wearing her underwear
photo: Twitter/@H0LLYW00DUPDATE

*claps ferociously*