The genes run strong between Reese Witherspoon and her 19-year-old daughter Ava Phillippe. 

Phillippe famously is the spitting image of her mother. The two have been compared to one another pretty much since Witherspoon's daughter turned 15, the same age as Witherspoon was when she first rose to fame in the early ’90s. 

Despite their uncanny resemblance, it's not too strange to be compared to one's own mother. After Phillippe shared a cute photo with her boyfriend to her Instagram, however, people made a somewhat gag-worthy comparison between her beau and her dad

It's no secret that Ava Phillippe is basically her mother, Reese Witherspoon, reincarnated. 

Not only are the mother-daughter duo incredible lookalikes, but they also are extremely close. The actor's daughter accompanied her to the premiere of Big Little Lies season two. Phillippe wrote on her Instagram how proud she is of her famous mom's work on the series.

"Big Little Date Night. Congrats to every member of #BLL2crew! So especially proud of my mama and her passion for this story and her work. After seeing just the first episode, I honestly cannot wait to see more!" 

The mother-daughter resemblance is one thing, but this comparison is downright gross. 

There's that outdated saying that you end up either becoming or marrying people like your parents. Phillippe must be sick of hearing how much she looks like her famous mom, but when people began to compare her boyfriend and her dad (ick) it went too far. 

The 19-year-old USC college student shared this cuddled up picture with her boyfriend Owen Mahoney. Fans of her famous parents immediately recalled the '90s Hollywood "It" couple. 

This throwback image does speak louder than words. 

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe
photo: Getty Images

Witherspoon and her daughter are clear lookalikes, but other than a similar cropped with a mop haircut and chiseled jawlines the two young men don't have that close of a resemblance. 

Scrolling back and forth between the two images I could see how the young couples would give off a similar appearance, but they definitely have distinct features. 

The famous couple met in 1997, and then starred in cult-classic Cruel Intentions together. 

Reese Witherspoon met Ryan Phillippe at her 21st birthday party in 1997. The two became pregnant with Ava shortly before their 1999 nuptials. The young couple were a staple in '90s Hollywood romances, and fans were heartbroken when the two divorced in 2007, according to InStyle

Comments on Ava's Instagram post were well intentioned. Most people were just remembering the adorable couple her parents were in the '90s. 

One person wrote, "Omg so cute... that picture makes me remember when Reese&Ryan were together..." Phillippe has managed to stay out of the spotlight. She is very artistic, and according to her proud father she aced the ACTs on her way to college. She shared on her Instagram story highlights moments from her freshman year. 

I'm sure the young college student doesn't appreciate all of the comparisons to her 44-year-old father. 

With Google at her fingertips, I'm sure Witherspoon's daughter knows all about her parents whirlwind relationship. That would make it even more uncomfortable to be compared to her mom and dad in this post. "Looks like a young Ryan wow," one person wrote, and it looks like more than 100 people agreed by liking the comment. 

Ava hilariously thanked one person for going against the grain. 

One person didn't see the resemblance and wrote, "He does not look like your dad." Ava appreciate someone finally shutting down the comments, "big thx," she replied. 

Growing up with famous parents must be difficult, but Ava seems to be brushing off the cringe worthy comparisons.