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Baddie Winkle, born Helen Ruth Van Winkle, is the octogenarian grandma you've seen on Instagram wearing crochet Dollskill swimsuits and Drake merch. She has 1.8 million followers on the social media account, and can make over $5,000 per IG post. How's that for #millennial #influence?

Baddie is so #influential that, at age 87, she's scored an endorsement deal with Smirnoff ICE Electric Flavors as part of the company's "Keep It Moving" campaign.  

Revelist sat down with Baddie to hear her frank opinions about Instagram and celebrity, including Elvis (her forever bae) and Drake (her current bae).

Baddie knows Elvis would have been GREAT at Instagram.

"I wish Elvis was still making music," Baddie said, when I asked her who she wishes was still putting out records. "His username would have been like, 'keepshakinit' or somethin," Baddie told me. "And he would've been great at Instagram."

She thinks Kim and Kanye are genuinely in love.

Baddie and her husband were married for 35 years, so she knows what she's talking about when it comes to love and marriage.

 "I think they’re totally in love. Yeah," when I asked her if she thought Kimye was faking their highly-publicized relationship or not. "Or else they wouldn't have gone and gotten married!"

Pretty much every celebrity follows Baddie, except for...

Asked which celebrity she wishes followed her, it turns out most of them do. "I'm trying to think of someone who doesn't follow me..." Baddie trailed off. I mentioned Nicki Minaj.

"Nicki Minaj doesn't follow me," Baddie said. "So let's say her."

If Instagram was around in the 1950s...

Baddie thinks her screenname probably would have been “afeistybitch.” 

"I was pretty feisty. We didn't say those words, but... yeah. Feisty."

The one thing Baddie can't believe she lived to see is...

"Well, the internet is huge. And somebody going to the moon. That was phenomenal. I couldn’t believe it. We’ve come a long way."

Her dream date with Drake is so damn cute.

photo: Reuters

"I am a big Drake fan. I like to dance to his music," Baddie said. She's professed her love for Drake on the record before — Drake has even posted a photo of her wearing a shirt that says, "Drake would never treat me like this." 

When asked what her dream date with the Toronto rapper would be, she thought about it for a sec, then gave me a really sweet answer: "My ideal thing to do with Drake would be to go to a Kentucky Wildcats basketball game. He’s a big basketball fan, and so am I." 

Here's Baddie's Smirnoff ad — which features her partying with her pals...

And here is Baddie modeling her dope coat made out of Furbys for us.