Barack Obama
photo: Getty Images

Barack Obama is rounding out the year with a list of his favorites, and it's inspiring me to rewatch some of the best content from 2019. 

Included on the former president's coveted list are movies like Booksmart and Little Women, and his favorite artists mentioned the likes of Lizzo, Lil Nas X,  and Frank Ocean. Of course, those who earned a spot were super grateful for the shoutout and tweeted their love to Obama. One of his favorites came from the production company Higher Ground Productions, which he started earlier this year with his wife, Michelle Obama. 

His curated list of books is wide-ranging and covers topics ranging from economics to social justice to sports. 

Barack Obama's year-end favorites list is his "fun little tradition." 

Every year, the former president shares his picks for the best books, movies, songs, and TV shows. He shared the final cuts to his Instagram and Twitter, and called it his "fun little tradition." Obama understands the importance of art and culture and how they enrich our lives. So, on Friday, he shared his list of books, then his list of films and TV shows. and today he released his music picks. 

Among Obama's favorite musicians are Alicia Keys, Solange, Rosalía, Travis Scott, and more. 

Someone pass Obama the aux cord because this man knows what's up. "From hip-hop to country to The Boss, here are my songs of the year. If you’re looking for something to keep you company on a long drive or help you turn up a workout, I hope there’s a track or two in here that does the trick," he wrote. 

Lizzo was feeling the love, and shared her gratitude to the former president. 

No president was quite as beloved as Obama, who has continued to be a cultural icon in the years after his presidency. Celebrities and artists are honored to be mentioned by him, including Lizzo. The singer made it onto his list of favorites with her song "Juice," which was also included in his summer playlist. She replied to the shoutout on Twitter, "I love you so much Mr. Obama... thanks for assisting me with my morning cry." 

Obama crafted a list of favorite movies from 2019, but also included a few TV shows he deemed as powerful as those films. 

Of course, Mr. 44 had to give a shoutout to his own production company's film American Factory, a documentary about working-class America and the clash between high tech corporations. "Next up are my favorite movies and TV shows of 2019. Of course, there’s also American Factory, a film from our own production company, Higher Ground, that was recently shortlisted for an Oscar," he shared. 

Booksmart also topped the list, and Olivia Wilde, the director, celebrated accordingly. 

Wilde shared a celebratory gif of Beanie Feldstein, who plays Molly in the film. "OH MY GOD," the director tweeted. The film featured female friendship, queer relationships, and a diverse cast, not to mention it was wildly hilarious, so of course it would make it onto the feminist president's favorites. 

Regina King also showed her gratitude for his mention of Watchmen.

"How you feel when your show makes your favorite President's 'list of favorites'," she wrote along with a gif of a teary-eyed Obama. King plays a vigilante fighting racists under the secret identity of Sister Night. The HBO show is based on a graphic novel set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

We stan a feminist president who loves Little Women. 

Despite Little Women being about the relationships between sisters and featuring a predominantly female cast, it's not just a movie for women. It can be enjoyed by everyone, because there is heart and relatability in each of the characters. Now that Obama has listed it, maybe other men will be able to love it too. One person on Twitter writes, "Little Women is one of Obama's favorite movies and I don't want to hear anymore about how it is a movie 'just for women.'"

I wonder why Cats didn't make the list?

One person joked that Obama didn't have time to get the widely criticized and disliked Cats adaptation. "Probably hasn't had time to watch Cats yet," they wrote. While the Tom Hooper film was snubbed, there were plenty of other honorable mentions that are worthy of the Obama seal of approval.