Nikkie de Jager, the beauty YouTuber behind the account Nikkie Tutorials, could use all of the love she can get this week. 

The beauty lover just came out as a transgender woman as a result of being blackmailed by people who threatened to out her. But she reclaimed her story and made an emotional 17-minute video explaining how she identifies. 

Then, someone at Too Faced Cosmetics, De Jager's former business partner, had some unkind and transphobic comments, which were just abhorrent. Luckily, she's feeling the love from most of her peers in the beauty community on YouTube, including from former foe Jeffree Star

Despite a feud from 2017, Star is sending his love to de Jager. 

In 2017, de Jager and Star reportedly got into a screaming match that ended their friendship. But now it seems the two have dispelled any animosity to support one another during a difficult time. Star recently split from his longtime boyfriend and, of course, de Jager is dealing with her highly publicized coming out video. 

Star wrote, "YOU are such an inspiration and so [redacted] brave! Love you and I’m so proud to call you a friend."

James Charles also showed his support in two tweets. 

Charles excitedly wrote, "I'M SO PROUD OF YOU SISTER!!!" and shared the link to her video. Plus, he later tweeted, "I’m so happy for Nikkie I cant stop smiling today :’)"

Fellow trans woman and beauty YouTuber Nikita Dragun was so proud of her friend. 

The founder of Dragun Beauty had a lot to say about de Jager's coming out video, because she could relate in some ways. The YouTuber wrote, "TRANS IS BEAUTIFUL @NikkieTutorials I am so proud of u! I know how hard it is. To see u out and living ur truth has brought me to tears! U don’t know how many people ur inspiring and helping by sharing ur story. I am one of them! She said WOMAN."

Manny MUA showered de Jager with love and kindness, while condemning the people who blackmailed her. 

First, Manny Gutierrez, aka Manny MUA, was proud of his friend in the beauty community and showed his support in a tweet, "SO PROUD OF YOU @NikkieTutorials ... CONGRATS MY LOVE!!!!!!!!! You’re amazing ... a gorgeous brave woman!"

But then he condemned those who tried to out her, and tweeted, "and whoever tried to out her is [redacted] sick and gross and PATHETIC."

Fellow makeup mogul Huda Kattan also reached out after the video aired. 

The Huda Beauty founder wrote, "So proud of you beautiful! You are more woman than ever." It seems the most important influencers in the beauty community had only positive things to say about one of the most unproblematic voices out there. Nikkie Tutorials was feeling all of the love. 

Patrick Starrr was not going to let the evil people who tried to out Nikkie off the hook. 

The fellow YouTuber is known for his outlandish styles and over-the-top beauty looks, while remaining oh-so glamorous. And he had plenty to say to the heinous individuals who blackmailed de Jager. Starrr wrote, "This is amazing. I'm so happy and proud of you. [Redacted] those [redacted] for wanting to tell your story! We will always have your back. Ilysm!!!"

De Jager is feeling the love, and tweeted her gratitude to her fans, family, and friends in the beauty community. 

A big portion of de Jager's coming out video was thanking those who have always supported her after nearly 11 years on YouTube, namely her fans and family. But clearly her peers in the community are also standing by her no matter what. She was clearly feeling the love and shared her gratitude in a tweet. 

"I’ll never be able to put into words what these last few days have been like. Thank you for accepting me and teaching me that on the other side of fear lies freedom. ... I love you so unconditionally, always."