It's no secret that celebrities frequently Photoshop their Instagrams. If brands, fashion labels, beauty companies, and nearly every magazine does it, then why wouldn't the people with millions of followers? However, you may not realize the extent to which your favorite celebrities are editing their Instas.

One private Instagram account is dedicated to documenting every instance of celebrity Photoshop on Instagram, and oh man, the Kardashians are huge fans of the erase tool.

@Celebface documents every time a celebrity Photoshopped the life out of an Instagram post with before and afters.

The account is private, and followers need to request to have access to the ~damning~ evidence.

One major Photoshopper appears to be Kendall Jenner.

Jenner apparently loves to shrink her waist.

Meanwhile, Kim likes to whittle away her back.

Oh, Kim.

Bella Hadid totally changes her face.

She raises her eyebrows, whittles away at her jawline, and makes her waist appear smaller.

Hadid also likes to make her features appear more cat-like.

She also changes her eye color.

Even Victoria's Secret models Photoshop themselves to appear thinner.

This isn't meant to shame the celebrities or influencers who Photoshop their Instagrams.

There's nothing wrong with controlling how you portray or present yourself on social media. If you want to make changes to the way you look in an Instagram, that's up to you; it's your photo, your body, and your platform!

What the account does highlight, though, is that practically your entire feed IS Photoshopped — even if the photo doesn't immediately make it totally obvious. A celebrity body isn't real: They add and take away inches to their waistline and their curves, too.

Let's celebrate reality and real bodies — not the ones that masquerade as "real" after hours of Facetune.

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