The best way to mark a big change in your life is switching up your style, and Bella Hadid did exactly that.

After breaking things off with her on-and-off boyfriend of nearly four years, Abel Tesfaye aka R&B artist The Weeknd, the normally dark-haired supermodel went totally blonde. Now it's unclear if she kept the blonde look thanks to a recent Instagram post, but she's clearly having a "hot girl summer" regardless of the hue of her locks. 

Many commenters were comparing the new color with her supermodel sister's, Gigi Hadid, who has always been the blonde antithesis to Bella's dark style. 

Bella Hadid is always strutting down the runway with a completely dark look. 

Bella Hadid is notorious for her dark brunette hair, so whenever she changes it, something is usually up. Whether she changes the color for an upcoming project or just for a different summer vibe, it always looks totally amazing. In this mesmerizing clip, Hadid power-walks the runway at a Versace show in Milan. 

The super-light honey blonde was an absolute shock to those who know her normal vibe. 

Many of the model's famous friends complimented the new color. Singer Halsey wrote, "Blonde bel is my new fav," and Hailey Bieber was absolutely shook, "A blonde girl!!!?" she commented. Kylie Jenner also loved the new style and commented, "Yesss," with a blonde emoji. 

This summer Hadid has had lighter locks, but it wasn't clear if she went fully blonde or not. 

The light hits Hadid perfectly in this stunning photo in which her hair certainly looks lighter than its normal nearly black color. But it wasn't until she posted her blonde selfie that fans and friends could see the actual new blonde tone. Hadid captioned the photo, "But also I'm not angry, it’s just the sun," despite her frown.

Now she looks just like her sister Gigi. 

In July, Hadid's hair was a lot lighter on a trip to Greece with friends and her sister. The supermodel had a bandanna covering the top of her head, so this could be the same ombré she'd been sporting. But her striking blue eyes and face structure match exactly that of her sister's. 

Here's a picture of Gigi for comparison. 

Wearing her hair in a similar style with a bandanna, the Hadid sisters look like twins. Genes run strong in the Hadid family, as all three kids, including their younger brother Anwar, are models. While Gigi got her start first, Bella was not too far behind. 

It would appear that the blonde style was short-lived, because in her most recent Instagram post, she's back to brunette.

Hadid is keeping us all guessing, but in this photo her hair is definitely back to its signature dark look. While this photo could be from before, it's also possible that the blonde style was only temporary. Either way, she's showing that life has gone on since her breakup with The Weeknd earlier this month, and it hasn't brought her down in the slightest. 

Some are confused by the hair change, but she looks stunning regardless. 

One follower commented, "So are you blonde or brown atm I am confused." The constant shake-up with her style is giving some fans whiplash, but her look is her business, and she rocks it no matter what color her hair is. The 22-year-old is known for her dark brunette style, but isn't afraid to try out something totally different either.