Bella Thorne has always been transparent about her battle with acne. She's posted makeup-free photos and spoken out about her struggles with problem skin

Now, it looks like she has something to celebrate: Her skin is clearing up.

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The actress posted a photo of the acne scars on her chin, jawline, and cheekbone. She also appeared to be topless, which is truly the only way to celebrate clearer skin.

She captioned the post, "MY SKIN IS GETTING BETTER LETS GOOOOO."

Instagram applauded her breakout-free pores.

Thorne has documented her journey with laser treatments before, and she's served as the spokesperson for Bioré Skincare.

People demanded to know what she uses.

Others jumped in and recommended drinking water, tea tree oil, and various products loaded with acne-fighting salicylic acid.

Some felt the need to point out that Thorne was naked.

I think you're missing the point, bud. 

Thorne can be in a parka or butt naked, and it's none of your damn business whether she's wearing a shirt or not.

Most, however, reminded Thorne that she looks awesome with or without makeup.

Your beauty does not depend on whether you choose to hide your acne or not. Your skin, your choice.

Thorne has been shamed for not "washing her face enough" before, and it's refreshing to see her be so open about struggling with acne-prone skin. It's a common misconception that people with acne simply aren't clean enough, and that's just not true: Acne can appear at any age and anywhere on your body, for anything from hormonal imbalances to irritating hair products.

Keep being real about your skin, Thorne. Your fans are HERE for it.