Don't expect to see Bella Thorne walk the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards. She's officially boycotting Fox's annual awards unless they change one particular category: "Teen Choice Hottie."

The 20-year-old "Famous in Love" actress and singer may be a nominee, but she's definitely no fan of the show. She took to social media to voice her complaints.

Bella has attended the Teen Choice Awards since 2012 and has been nominated as 'Choice Hottie: Female' twice — in 2014 and 2016.

But she made it clear in her latest tweet storm that this fan-voted, looks-based contest is straight-up outdated and superficial.

She started off with a simple, yet poignant tweet.

But obviously, fans needed a bit more explanation as to why the annual award show is "gross."

She then explained that pitting celebrities and influencers against one another "f*ks with kids' heads" and honestly, she's not wrong.

Then, she called the show "rigged" and insisted she's boycotting it.

And most fans in the replies wholeheartedly agreed with Bella.

Bella then offered her suggestion for what to replace the Choice Hottie categories with:

She shared the same sentiment via Instagram shortly after.

Thorne is right. The 'Choice Hottie' category, which has long been a staple of the awards show, seems inappropriate in today's climate.

@bellathorne is in good form tonight at #TeenChoice! ????

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In the era of #MeToo and Time's Up, and in a time when even the Miss America pageant has evolved, it's probably time to ditch the beauty contest category. If the #boycottTeenChoice hashtag catches on, maybe Fox will take note.

At this year's Teen Choice Awards, Bella is nominated for Choice Drama Movie Actress for "Midnight Sun" and Choice TV Drama Actress for "Famous in Love," among others.

We'll see on Sunday, August 12, when the annual show airs, whether she follows through with her boycott. And if other celebrities and inflluencers follow her lead.