Bella Thorne has been really into ink lately — and we LOVE it.

Thorne recently showed off a new multicolored tat on Instagram.

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The tattoo says "I love you" in rainbow letters.

She also hinted at another, more secret tattoo in the caption. "New lil tat ???????? guess what my other tat says it's on my hip;)," she teased.

While she didn't share a photo of the tat on Instagram, she updated her Insta Stories to reveal a peek at the new tattoo — and it's waaaay sassier.

The new ink reads "bite me" and appears to be on her hip. The "T" and the "M" are upside down.

So cheeky.

The new tat could be a clap back to the ~haters.~

Thorne has been battling body- and slut-shamers for as long as she's had a career, so this tattoo could be her response to all the naysayers. 

Or, you know, maybe she likes to have her booty bit. Whichever.

Thorne has a smattering of other tattoos.

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Her collection includes a matching foot tattoo ("if lost, find twin"), a smiley face on her arm, and a heart on her collarbone.

Something tells us these two new tats are far from the last.