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Former Disney star, actress, and beauty mogul Bella Thorne took to Instagram to share some old photos. Thorne wasn't exactly looking back at the images of herself from 2016 fondly. In the caption, Thorne revealed she was struggling with some disordered eating. 

The 21-year-old shared that she was too stressed to work up an appetite, which caused her weight to drop tremendously. Fortunately, the singer was able to get back to a weight she feels comfortable at. Here is her powerful message. 

Thorne has always been open about her relationships, her struggle with acne and body acceptance, and the sexual abuse she endured as a child. This instance was no exception. 

In 2018, the 21-year-old revealed she was sexually abused as a small child.

"This was taken at the end of 2016?-2017? 2018 was about getting my health back...this is what I look like when I’m stressed.... when i'm stressed it’s hard for me to work up an appetite," she wrote of the shockingly thin photos. 

If you think young stars are overreacting when it comes to the stressors of Hollywood, the incident that prompted Thorne to share her story of abuse was a Twitter user saying she looks like she had been "molested." 

"I’m all about being yourself loving your body, yada yada, but these photos they make me not love anything about it."

“What did Disney do to this girl?! I think she was molested,” the user wrote. Thorne responded with, “Yeah, I was. So it wasn’t Disney."

"Looking back on these times and what this biz, and movies, and life can do to you, and everything along with that."

In 2017, Thorne opened up about her insecurities as well. 

"But, you know, I look at this picture and I’m also proud. I’m so fucking proud because this year I gained all my weight back and more!!!!"

When GQ Mexico photoshopped her spread, Thorne called them out. 

"And I feel good, but I do feel like I need to get back in the gym so I can be healthier in general."

"You might look at this photo and think, oh, shush bella, but just know everytime someone looks in the mirror they simply don't see what everyone else sees," Thorne said. 

"Eating the right things (Double Quarter Pounders not included), so my body has the energy it needs to keep moving forward... keep moving forward."

"Know that it's completely normal to feel insecure and it's accepted," she told her fans. 

Thorne shared with fans that she may even start boxing and weightlifting. 

Amanda Cerny appears to be a good friend of Thorne's. 

Good for Thorne. In a world that demands women to be as skinny as possible, it's important for women to share their stories, struggles, and journeys toward self-acceptance and better health. 

"Honestly I wish everyone talked more about their insecurities so more people in the world could know they aren't alone. That it's OK."

It's rare to see women talk publicly about how happy they are to gain weight — which is strange because growing up I knew just as many women trying to gain weight as there were women trying to lose it. 

"If they show my acne scars or a wrinkle in my forehead or my teeth aren't perfectly white, people will look at the photo and say, no, she's not perfect, and usually most people don't want the public trashing, and I get it." 

All we can do is hope that one day society will get to a place where women's bodies aren't scrutinized for absolutely no reason other than to control us and our self-esteem. 

"But f*ck it. I'm here to tell you that's right. I'm not F*CKING PERFECT. IM A HUMAN BEING AND IM REAL. So hip hop your asses over the fence and GET OVER IT."

Fans were extremely supportive. 

"I'm so proud of you @bellathorne"

"She's an inspiration for all people with weight problems."