Shakira and J.Lo hug after their incredible Super Bowl Halftime performance.
photo: Splash News

Shakira and J.Lo showed true athleticism at the Miami Hard Rock stadium on Super Bowl Sunday during their halftime performance.

The Latina musicians gave the football players a run for their money, showing off incredible dance moves, stellar vocals, and a poignant performance filled with nods to their Latin heritage. The two icons performed a medley of songs from their decades-long career. Shakira showed off hits like "She Wolf," "Hips Don't Lie," and "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)," while Lopez sang classics like "Jenny From the Block," "Love Don't Cost a Thing," and hits like "On the Floor" and "Booty."

Some criticized the dance-heavy performance as being too provocative and that it should have come with a warning label, but many feel it paid homage to their culture and proved that women can be empowered and sexy, no matter their age. 

Shakira and J.Lo brought the stadium down in Miami. 

In one of the best Super Bowl performances of all time, Shakira and J.Lo left it all on the field. The two icons gave an energetic performance that had the audience and fans at home ready to groove. Not to mention, there was also major political statements happening, specifically about the immigration crisis.  

Shakira's hip-shaking performance incorporated authentic Colombian dance moves.

Shakira showed off her Colombian background and worked with Colombian choreographers to pay homage to her heritage. The pop icon shared a video on Instagram and wrote, "Meet @diazlizdany -an incredible young dancer from my hometown of Barranquilla. 

She continued, "I discovered Liz dancing champeta - a Colombian favorite - on @instagram and brought her out to work together on a part of the choreography for my #HalftimeShow! She's only 18, but she takes care of her family and works so hard, and she brings so much joy. I'm proud to be able to share this stage today with a fellow Barranquillera, and to show this infectious dance from our hometown to the world."

Shakira's tongue-wiggling was an act of cultural significance, though it did spark some pretty hilarious memes. 

Perhaps one of the most meme-worthy moments of the whole show was Shakira wiggling her tongue directly at the camera. Some were confused as to why the artist would do this; others understood where it was coming from. The 43-year-old musician was possibly performing "zaghrouta," which is an Arabic expression of joy and celebration. It's especially popular at her hometown’s annual carnival, and those who recognized it for what it truly was were appreciative of the gesture.

Of course, others had some hilarious reactions in the form of memes.

J.Lo's custom performance outfit was made by Versace and took "thousands of hours" to make; every jewel was hand-placed. 

Lopez's stylist, Mariel Haenn, shared some intel in how the garment was created. Haenn wrote on Instagram: "The whole process between the main look and the dancers included thousands of hand-applied crystals. In total, over thirty tailors and seamstresses have been involved in the process and in total amounts to thousands of hours of handwork."

J.Lo looked stunning in the Versace bodysuit, plus she had a few other costumes throughout the performance. Her motorcycle jacket and matching chaps all featured over a thousand individually placed gold studs. 

Of course, J.Lo used her newfound pole-dancing skills. 

Lopez showed off the skills she learned for her latest film Hustlers, and gave an incredible pole-dancing performance. Surrounded by her own stellar dancers, Lopez stole the show with a gravity-defying pole routine. Some thought the moment was a little too risqué for the family-friendly event, but I think it shows off her strength and athleticism. Not only was she engaging every single one of her muscles, but Lopez also had to then belt out another five minutes of vocals. 

These Latina queens made a powerful statement about immigration during the show. 

Some people were brought to tears by the symbolic image of children in cages meant to represent the immigration crisis. Lopez's own daughter, Emme Maribel Muñiz, was one of the children and even got to show off her own beautiful vocals alongside her mom. 

"Replaying the halftime show, tears – JLo and Shakira brought the children in cages on stage, then JLo says 'Latinos, Let's Get loud' as Emme sings 'Born in the U.S.A' with the 'fence' background...POWERFUL STATEMENT," one fan tweeted. 

J.Lo and Emme got to sing together on the massive stadium stage. 

What a way to break into the music industry. As if Emme didn't already have a leg up with J.Lo as her mom, she definitely has one now. The two sounded beautiful together and had a poignant message. Lopez belted out "Let's Get Loud" as Emme crooned the chorus to Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA." Today show host Hoda Kotb proudly shared the mother-daughter moment to her Twitter account. 

J.Lo's perfect hair didn't budge during the dance-heavy show. 

Lopez's hairstylist Chris Appleton put in work on the singer's perfect curls. Before she went on to perform, the icon was practicing her hair flips. In this video, it's clear that the stylist had created a masterpiece. He wrote, "I was going In for a last brush ... decided Jen got this."

Shakira's shiny footwear was another staple of the halftime show. 

Shakira had to have comfy shoes that allowed her to move and groove. These shiny boots were covered in Swarovski crystals and designed by Peter Dundas, along with the rest of the crimson red ensemble. "These boots are made for shining...," the singer tweeted ahead of the show. Later she changed into a two-piece gold look with matching Adidas sneakers. 

Alex Rodriguez jammed out in the crowd. 

Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, was dancing in the crowd and watched his girls onstage. He was clearly so proud and looked like he had a blast among the rest of the fans. Rodriguez captioned the video, "AMAZING!! She ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED IT! Wow, that was so fun! I’m so proud of you, Jen!"