Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are OUT! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (yes, they will keep their titles) are leaving the royal family in England and stepping away from their royal duties — and honestly, who can blame them? Meghan had been ripped apart by the British press over things like wearing ripped jeans, gaining weight while pregnant, and her legs. Can Meghan live? The answer is yes — and she's choosing to do so in Canada. Do your thing, Duchess.

Predictably, the internet blew a gasket at this news. The reactions and memes are so hilarious, I had to make an entire bookmark list on Twitter just to save all of them. Here are the best ones.

Many of the reactions were supportive of Meghan.

YES. YES HUNNY. Meghan is, in essence, flicking off an institution and media that treated her like the second coming of Wallis Simpson, for having the audacity to, I don't know? Exist? Fall in love with Prince Harry? Who knows. 

Meghan is off the hook in SO many ways.

One of those ways she's off the hook? No more having to do annoying royal things, like having to wear hats everywhere, cut ribbons at ceremonies, or not being able to wear any nail polish other than Ballet Slippers by Essie.

Straiiight cackling.

Meghan and Prince Harry wasted no time getting out of Buckingham Palace. Meghan has reportedly already left London and landed in Canada — just 36 hours after news of their separation from the fam was announced. 

The accuracy!

There are so, so many movies about a common girl turned princess in Hallmark movies that it might as well be its own cinematic genre. And Meghan has upended the entire trope. Not only is she actively leaving the princess world behind, she's taking the prince with her!!!!

A force that cannot be touched.

Entertainment journalist and Twitter personality Yashar Ali pointed out that Meghan has Black Twitter in her corner. After years of Meghan being subjected to racist comments and attacks, Black Twitter is standing up for one of their own — with hilarious and celebratory results.


Going into 2020, and the rest of life tbh, removing people from your life that only serve to be toxic af is the way to go. It's evident that Meghan was unhappy being part of the royal fam, and while we don't know for sure, we're guessing they didn't make it easy for her.

Bossip's headline. Oh my god I'm crying.

Everyone was waiting for Bossip's headline take on #Megxit. And the entertainment site did not disappoint, coming out with this word-smithery: "Bye Buckingham, Bye British Bigots, Bye Bulls***! Meghan Markle & Harmonious Hubby Harry 'Stepping Back' From Royal Family, Clotted Cream Critics Cry Foul." 

A hyperlocal joke, but a funny one nonetheless.

Jokes about Harry and Meghan's new life in North America abounded. Will they go to dinner at TGI Friday's? Are they going to get really into NASCAR? Are they going to set up a DIY venue in Brooklyn? 285 Kent is the name of a shuttered DIY venue, by the way, so there's the joke.

We are going to need the FACTS.

Clearly, something went down in Buckingham Palace to cause Meghan and Prince Harry to peace out without even telling the Queen. What is the tea here? There is only one place to discuss this kind of piping hot Darjeeling: Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith.

We may never see this play out on The Crown, but...

The creator of The Crown has explicitly said that Meghan and Prince Harry will not be plot points on the show. Not that it's stopping the internet from imagining what upcoming seasons of the show would look like. Who would play Meghan? Meghan herself? She is an actress, after all!

Aaaand the winner of the #Megxit Twitter jokes goes to...

Omfg. Get Out. Writer Saeed Jones went there. I am rolling on the floor. I can imagine it now: For Meghan, life in Buckingham Palace must have been filled with weird hypnosis teatime and white people acting very, very bizarrely all the time.