It's September 4, which mean it's Beyoncé's birthday. Yes, her birthday may as well be a holiday, because her fans celebrate it right along with her. For the Beyhive, today is a sacred day, right up there with solemn religious holidays and family birthdays and anniversaries. Social media lit up with well wishes and memories of Queen Bey — and some celebs got in on the fun, too. Check out some of our favorite #BeyDay celebrations below.


Did you know that Beyoncé is a Virgo? If you didn't know that Beyoncé is a Virgo, don't worry, because every Virgo will tell you that Beyoncé is a Virgo.

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The only thing Virgos love more than the Container Store is talking about how Beyoncé is a Virgo. As the maiden of the zodiac, Virgos are hardworking, resourceful, and devoted to their craft. They are perfectionists who will accept nothing less than excellence — and they deliver. Virgos are also low-key freaks in the sheets. All of these traits describe Beyoncé to a B!


This wholesome tweet thanks Beyoncé for the paving the way for all of us.

"Happy birthday to the most hardworking, humble, nice and talented singer in the world. You don't understand how many doors you opened for the women in the industry, and we all appreciate you for your hard work and dedication. We love you Beyonce," wrote Twitter user @slutsfortini.


This incredibly lovely tweet collected Instagram Stories from Beyoncé's dancers, who all adore the star as much we do!

"Beyoncé’s dancers are so sweet and gracious. You can tell Bey really changed their life, and isn’t/wasn’t just their 'boss' but a huge IMPACT on their lives as a person. I’ll post more as they roll in," wrote Twitter user @beypositive. You *must* click through to see the photos — they will warm your heart.


Even celebs paid their respects to Queen Bey!

Director Ava DuVernay posted the most touching message about Beyoncé on Twitter. "Today is a perfect day to post a gif from that one time I directed the Queen in all her splendor. She was absolutely lovely, absolutely prepared, absolutely kind and absolutely herself in every moment. Wishing @Beyonce a nourishing birthday filled with love," she wrote on Twitter. Are you crying yet? Because it's raining all over my face.


Politicians love Beyoncé too. They're just like us!

It's not pandering for votes if you really believe what you're saying! Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and Mayor of San Antonio Julián Castro wished Queen Bey a happy birthday with the only hair-flip gif.


Stop what you are doing and watch this immediately.

YouTuber and Ellen Show correspondent Kalen Allen created this incredible medley tribute to Queen Bey, in which he transformed himself into her most iconic looks. Allen's costumes, wigs, and makeup capture Bey's essence perfectly, but it's his dance moves that are most amazing. Allen studied and rehearsed and nailed Beyoncé's steps perfectly. 


Aaaand here's my personal favorite #BeyDay tweet from a member of the Beyhive.

"Happy Birthday to my Lord and Gyrator, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, whose music (and voice in general) always manages to pull me out of any funk. #BeyDay #QueenBey," wrote Twitter user @curtdvyj. It's a testament to how Beyoncé's art and music manages to transcend even the worst garbage in our lives. Feeling bummed about, well, everything? There's at least 15 great Beyoncé dance bops for that.


Happy birthday, Beyoncé, and long may you reign!

We are all so lucky to share a planet with Beyoncé while she's at the height of her career. And each of her albums gets progressively better — she's truly an artist who has found her five-octave voice, and uses it to lift up others. Beyoncé has taught us that motherhood and sexuality are not mutually exclusive; she's taught us that there's no cutting corners on the way to excellence; and most of all, she's taught us that being successful doesn't come at the cost of someone else being unsuccessful. The world is richer because Beyoncé is in it. Happy 9-4-8-1!