Eduardo Munoz of Beyonce
photo: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

Beyoncé is undoubtedly the queen of many things and just because is she pop royalty doesn't mean she is impervious to sipping a little tea now and again.

A very pregnant Queen Bey was recently fat-shamed after someone snapped an "unflattering" photo of her.

Fans rushed to defend her, but Beyoncé really didn't need the help. To silence shamers she subtly posted a video full of photos from her Easter holiday — many of them featuring solo shots of Beyoncé and her fabulous pregnant body.

Each pose was basically a low-key dare for anyone to try and shame her.

She also showed off her gorgeous family.

photo: Instagram/beyonce

Just look at little Blue!

Because when your life is full of love, haters don't matter.

P.S. Hi Kelly!

While her wordless post didn't directly target any haters, you can bet that she let her actions speak for themselves, as she has done many times before.

photo: Instagram/beyonce

Remember when people tried to come at her for being too political and she sold "Boycott Beyoncé" shirts? Or the time people questioned her feminism and she decided to perform in front of an emblazoned "FEMINIST" sign at the VMAs? 

Subtle-TEA is her specialty. 

Yeah, sorry trolls, you don't even have a leg to stand on.

She is the queen. Just bow down.