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It's near impossible to replicate the perfection that is Queen Bey, but Madame Tussauds has certainly tried. 

Past iterations of Beyoncé's wax figures have left much to be desired. The internet has absolutely trolled works of wax that whitewashed the superstar, contorted her face in unrecognizable ways, and just did the singer wrong. In September, the London museum finally crafted a notably better Beyoncé wax figure and fans rejoiced. Now there's a US version that is arguably an improvement. 

The Las Vegas Madame Tussauds museum created a figure based on one of the Coachella headliner's "Formation" sets in a pink sweatshirt and denim shorts. The end result looks pretty spot-on and the internet might have forgiven the museum for its past mishaps, but it will never forget. 

Beyoncé fans are finally feeling the Madame Tussauds wax figures. 

One fan account shared the first few images of the Las Vegas figure. The tweet reads, "Coachella, you ready? Madame Tussauds unveiled another new Beyoncé wax figure in Las Vegas!" 

The stance, the hair, and her facial expression are almost perfectly re-created from the Coachella set. 

It's almost hard to discern the wax version from the human one.

One person shared a snippet of Beyoncé's performance from her Homecoming documentary. The wax figure and the star in the video share an astonishing likeness. I almost expect the figure to start busting moves like the impeccable performer. 

In September the wax museum unveiled another accurate version of the icon. 

"It's time to bow down to THE QUEEN," the museum captioned this post of its highly accurate wax figure of Queen Bey. Finally, commenters were happy with what the museum created. One person wrote, "You got this 100% correct. This looks real. Great job."

Take a look at the various bad Beyoncé figures because there are plenty. 

Fans will never forget all of the times wax museums got the singer's look totally wrong. One person also noticed that almost every version of her wax look-alike is posed in the exact same way. They wrote, "... I wanna know why all Beyoncé’s wax figures are doing the same arm up pose?" 

The latest tribute is a new pose, thank goodness. 

It seriously looks so real, plus that extra presentation would be totally Queen Bey approved. 

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas revealed the new sculpture in the most extra way imaginable, and Beyoncé would surely have it no other way. "Who run the world? Yoncè! It’s time to get in formation with Queen Bey at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas," the museum's Twitter account shared. The video posted along with the tweet had backup dancers and was set in a similar location as Beyoncé's latest music video for "Spirit."