The night was April 14 — actually the wee hours of April 15 if you take into account that I live in New York City. My best friend and I were having a sleepover so that we could hold each other accountable and wake up for what we knew would be the most epic performance of our lives. The second we heard our alarms go off, we popped up urgently, scrambling to turn on the Coachella livestream and tune into the one and only Beyoncé's performance. 

For an hour and a half, we stared at the TV in awe as the queen herself put on the most historic Coachella performance in the California desert we had ever seen. It was equipped with a full marching band, a literal team of dancers, and costumes we couldn't take our eyes off of. Did we mention she brought out Kelly and Michelle, too? 

The days that followed were pandemonium. Social media wouldn't stop talking about it, she was on the covers of magazines everywhere, and the Beyhive grew even stronger than before. Like, who knew that was even possible? But that's the power of Queen Bey, everyone, and that's just how dynamic those two weekends at the massive music festival were. 

Well, last week, rumors swirled that a new Netflix documentary had something to do with Beyoncé and Coachella, and they were right. Ahead, check out the highly anticipated trailer for her new Netflix film, Homecoming