Beyoncé and Jay Z have, for the most part, kept their young twins, Rumi and Sir, out of the spotlight. But the twins were front and center in the singer's latest documentary chronicling the making of her latest album The Gift. This documentary marked the first time the 2-year-old twins have been shown off, and fans are living for it.

Plus, Blue Ivy stole the show. The making of "Brown Skin Girl," sung by the 7-year-old, is included in the docu; it's so sweet, and her attitude is fierce. It's clear that she takes after her superstar parents. 

The family of five have so much love for one another. 

The sweet family moments were definitely fans' favorites in the documentary, which chronicles the time and effort that went into creating the Lion King adjacent album. There were nine parts to the one-hour episode ,and each went into how every song came to be. Beyoncé reflected on her desire for authenticity and for honoring African heritage, plus she was grateful to share that experience with her three children. 

Rumi and Sir have grown up so much, as this was the first time fans have really seen the tots since they were newborns. 

The twins came along on the family work trip. "We just landed in Africa," Beyoncé said as she showed off her 2-year-olds in their car seats. They looked so adorable and are almost identical to Blue Ivy. 

Later in the documentary, Beyoncé had a sweet moment with baby Rumi. 

Rumi learned her animal noises while vacationing with her superstar mom. Beyoncé asked her daughter, "What does the lion say?" And Rumi let out a little roar reminiscent of Simba's in the movie. One fan shared the clip on Twitter and wrote, "RUMI CARTER IS ADORABLE! This was a cute moment with her and Beyoncé!"

Fans have been waiting for years to see more and more of Beyoncé's youngest children. 

"This special is the most we've seen of Rumi and Sir," one fan noted on Twitter. Others started talking about their looks and determining which twin looked the most like their mom and dad. "Rumi looks more like Jay Z and Sir looks like Beyonce," one fan wrote in a tweet. 

Blue Ivy also stole the show in the special. 

The 7-year-old sang along with her mom to "MOOD 4 EVA" on Snapchat. The special showed off Blue's dancing skills, and many viewers laughed that she was actually the mastermind behind the whole album and video projects. It's great how Blue Ivy is allowed to express her creativity publicly and was even featured on the album. 

When Blue sang "Brown Skin Girl," even her famous mom was impressed. 

Of course, Beyoncé would have loved Blue Ivy's singing if it wasn't perfect, but the youngster actually sounded amazing. Clearly she comes from two musical parents, so it makes sense that she'd inherit some killer pipes. Blue got the hang of singing into the mic perfectly, and made one of the most beloved songs on the entire album. 

Blue Ivy seemed so grown up in this special, too. 

Bey-hive members will remember the iconic moment when Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy to the world at the MTV Video Music Awards. That little girl has grown up so much, is well spoken, and turning into her own boss lady, just like her mom. All of Beyoncé and Jay Z's children are so sweet, and getting to see this family side of her was absolutely everything.