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Lizzo is on a roll right now. The up-and-coming icon's song "Truth Hurts" just landed at the number one spot on Billboard's Hot 100 two years after its release, she has been killing it on the awards show circuit, and now she has a new fan: the legend herself, Beyoncé.

At the Made In America music festival in Philadelphia, Lizzo gave another standout performance, and this time Queen Bey was in attendance. The legendary singer was standing backstage, bopping to Lizzo's upbeat numbers. 

Fans were so excited for the artist and hope that a collaboration between the two is on the way. 

Lizzo was in shock that the music legend attended her set.

"Swipe to lose your [redacted] mind," wrote Lizzo on her post. Beyoncé and Jay Z stood backstage to watch Lizzo's energetic performance at the festival. The singer wore a brown blazer and matching shorts with sunglasses, while her husband sported a yellow bucket hat. 

The superstar appeared to be enjoying the number, and was dancing along to the music. 

Beyoncé and Jay Z were grooving backstage to the upbeat dance numbers. Lizzo shared the photo of the famous musical couple on Twitter, too, and fans replied with messages of awe and footage of the festival. In fact, they were filming the music icon just as much as they were filming Lizzo onstage.

Lizzo and her stage partner DJ Sophia Eris were so happy that Beyoncé came to their show that they sang gospel music and replaced "God" with "Beyoncé." 

"Beyoncé loves us, this I know," Eris sang, and then Lizzo joined in, "Yes, Beyoncé loves me." Clearly it was a spiritual experience to meet the musical genius and know that she is a fan of Lizzo's music, too. Lizzo and Sophia Eris looked cute in their performance getups backstage, and fans are patiently waiting for a group picture with Beyoncé and Jay Z to emerge. 

Even from the audience, fans caught sight of the incredible duo on stage left. 

A video from the Philadelphia Inquirer shows Beyoncé bopping along to Lizzo's body-positive beat "Tempo." No official word from Beyoncé on whether she and Jay Z had a good time at the fest, but from these videos it seems pretty clear. Lizzo is also adored by insanely talented artists like Rihanna, who jumped up and danced along to the artist's BET awards show performance. 

One fan pointed out that both Lizzo and Beyoncé are from Houston, along with countless other incredible artists. 

"Normani, Lizzo, and Beyoncé are all from Houston. Just saying," one person tweeted. And it's true, something must be in the Houston water that makes such talented musicians. Along with these three, the rest of Destiny's Child, Megan Thee Stallion, and Travis Scott all call Houston their home. There should be an epic Houston artists collaboration!

Some fans think that Beyoncé now has her eye on Lizzo to potentially open for her next tour. 

Beyoncé has taken a few artists under her wing, like Chloe and Halle Bailey. Perhaps Lizzo is her next protege. One fan begged Queen Bey to consider Lizzo as her next opening act, "ASK TO OPEN FOR HER NEXT TOUR QUEEN!! LIZZO DESERVES STADIUM CROWDS." 

Beyoncé loves to support other black women artists, so it's not impossible to think that the two could pair up eventually. 

Lizzo shared that she was one of only five black women in the music industry to make it to the number one spot in the past 10 years. Beyoncé is notorious for lifting up other black artists, so perhaps some kind of project could develop. Either way, Lizzo is happy to share the number one spot with the icon. She captioned this post, "100% that [redacted], 100% black & 100% number 1! IM SO HAPPY! IN REHEARSALS ALL DAY W/ MY TEAM GLOWING WITH PRIDE! See y’all on IG live later."