Beyoncé at "The Lion King" premiere
photo: Getty Images

When a cast is as star-studded as that of Disney's The Lion King remake, there are going to be some scheduling conflicts. And a superstar as busy as Beyoncé definitely would have little time to spare to stand for photo shoots. So what's the harm in a little Photoshop magic? 

Earlier this month, a stunning cast photo of the Lion King all-stars dropped, and it had some critics calling out the image for having edited in one of the biggest figures — Beyoncé. It was left unconfirmed — until now. John Oliver, who plays Zazu in the film, revealed that she definitely wasn't in attendance for the group picture. 

Many fans laughed the retouch off, but others thought it was a little bit of a diva moment for the actor/musician. Haters should remember that she's been hard at work voicing Nala, crafting an entire album, and creating stunning music videos for the production.

The photo looks pretty seamless, but the amount of space between the heads of Beyoncé and John Oliver is telling. 

Billy Eichner shared this photo to his Instagram Story shortly after it was posted and wrote, "Together at last." Now it's clear that his comment was a joke and that, despite the appearance, they actually weren't ever in the same room as the iconic musician. 

The photo is far enough away that at first glance it looks extremely realistic. But upon closer inspection, it's definitely Photoshopped. Oliver said that he had to be careful not to step in the star's hypothetical space in order to make altering the photo easier. 

People called it out right away, and it sparked debate whether she was there or not. Now it's been confirmed. 

Immediately after Disney released the photo, fans speculated whether or not the superstar was actually there. "Why do I have the strange suspicion that Beyoncé wasn't really there and they had to photoshop her into this," one person tweeted along with the cast photo. 

That same user posted a close crop of the star's left hand, and the editing was pretty obvious. "Look at that left hand, My fave didn't set foot in that studio." 

Someone else doubted the alteration, though, because a few other key stars were missing. "If that was the case, they would have easily photoshopped James Earl Jones into the shot," someone replied. 

Fans were laughing at the fact that all of her costars had probably never even met her until the world premiere. 

One of the many questions that the cast was asked in various interviews was what it was like the first time they met Queen Bey. Well, many of them didn't have an answer to that question because they hadn't had the pleasure. Even Shahadi Wright Joseph, who plays the younger version of Beyoncé's character in the film, hadn't met the star until the world premiere. 

One fan laughed at the Photoshop fail in a tweet, "She was photoshopped into the pic. She recorded her own singing parts at home. I don’t think Beyoncé met ANY of these people until the world premiere lmao." 

Rumors swirled that Beyoncé didn't even record her Nala lines in the Disney studio, but some video evidence proves those claims as false. 

One supporter was annoyed that people were giving her flack, because clearly the multitalented musician is a busy woman.

A few people didn't appreciate the star's absence. "So everyone else in the Lion King cast group photo showed up but Beyoncé didn’t bother showing up and had to be photoshopped in," one tweet read. 

Another person wrote in a tweet, "I’m sorry, but I have to say it. Why does @Beyonce think she’s better than everyone else? ... She got photoshopped into the Lion King picture and it’s ok? Girl, bye. #icant #bealeader."

But one supporter understood that she's a busy woman. The Twitter user shared, "people really complaining about beyonce being photoshopped in she’s booked and busy!!! disney didn’t have a problem with it, so why do you?"

Beyoncé is busy crafting the incredible collaborative album The Lion King: The Gift. 

The multitalented musician produced and performed multiple songs on the collaborative album inspired by the sounds and songs of Africa, all by incredible black artists. 

Beyoncé's seven-year-old daughter Blue Ivy has her first song credit ever on the album in "Brown Skin Girl." Music from the album is featured in the movie, including the first single "Spirit," which is featured in a pivotal moment with Nala. 

She also created this stunning music video to go along with "Spirit." 

Not only did Beyoncé star in the film, she created musical moments to go along with it. The joint album was already enough, but being the artist that she is, Beyoncé produced this stunning music video as well.

The star received some pushback from Grand Canyon National Park visitors for shutting down the park and filming for a few hours. The scene, in which she stands in front of a breathtaking waterfall, was filmed at Havasu Falls, a park landmark. 

John Oliver, who plays Mufasa's right-hand bird Zazu, was so intimidated by the idea of standing next to Queen Bey — luckily he didn't have to.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Oliver revealed that the group picture was in fact Photoshopped because Beyoncé couldn't attend. Of course, Colbert pointed out the obvious space in the photo, too.

Oliver said, "She wasn't there, no. I think almost everyone else was there... I looked down and there was just this piece of tape on the floor with Beyoncé's name on it... The future presence of Beyoncé was so intimidating, so if you look at my face, I look really intimidated. Because what I'm doing is imagining that I am about to be put into a photo with Beyoncé one day, and that was nerve-wracking enough."