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Beyoncé's Coachella performance made history for all the right reasons. Not only was she the first Black female headliner for the festival, but she performed for nearly two straight hours with minimal breaks and multiple costume changes. She welcomed on-stage various family members: Jay-Z, Solange Knowles, and her Destiny's Child fam. Whether you were at Coachella this past weekend or not, you've probably heard everyone talking about Beyoncé's performance, and that's something few musicians can accomplish.

One of the most powerful parts of her performance, however, was the fact that Beyoncé made sure to give all bodies a chance in the spotlight alongside her — plus-size ones, too.

Twitter is losing it's damn mind over the plus-size dancers who busted a MOVE next to Queen Bey.

They danced alongside Beyoncé during a remix of "Baby Boy."

They were front and center in PVC, too.

The dancers weren't hidden in the back behind thinner or more athletic bodies. They weren't wearing long, flowy dresses or somethng that hid their curves. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT.

Of course, plus-size Twitter nearly exploded.




It's a reminder that ALL bodies can be athletic.

You don't need to be thin or have a six-pack if you want to kill it alongside The Queen.

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