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September Issue for the September queen of Virgo

photo: Instagram @beyonce

For the Beyhive, September 4 — Beyonce's birthday — is a national holiday. And I'm willing to miss a day of work to honor the Queen.

And as befits her royal status, Beyonce is also the undisputed queen of Virgos. And this Virgo season, I've counted down 15 ways Beyonce has blessed this Virgo season.

She covered the September issue of US Vogue — and that's not all.

Vogue magazine has been around since 1892, and for nearly 120 years, it's only had THREE Black women as cover models for its September issue (the biggest and most prestigious edition of the year.

Beyonce brought this total to four — and that's not even the best part about it.

She chose her own photographer, the first Black photographer 

Tyler Mitchell was hand-picked by Beyonce for the September Issue and at just 23 years old is one of the youngest ever photographers to ever shoot for Vogue. But perhaps craziest of all, he is the one and only Black photographer to EVER photograph a US Vogue cover.

You read that correctly.

But you *also* read that Beyonce hired him. Beyonce created the change she wanted to see in Vogue.

She also elevated the barely-there makeup look to an art form.

Ok, Beyonce didn't go completely bare-faced. But she did sport a minimal makeup look and natural hair in the biggest fashion magazine in the world.

That takes guts. That's Virgo power.

"I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies. That’s why I stripped away the wigs and hair extensions and used little makeup for this shoot."

Did Beyonce just tell me I'm perfect the way I am?!?!

Beyonce talked about her FUPA in Vogue, and we all screamed.

I know I'm giving a lot of attention to this Vogue cover, but I'm sorry, a Black woman hasn't appeared on a September cover of Vogue (by herself) since 2010 — so we get to talk about this now.

I also didn't want to attach a picture of Beyonce's FUPA because I don't want to pick her body apart. Black womens' bodies have been scrutinized enough throughout history, and I don't want to add to that. Besides, she's an entire woman. Not just a waistline.

In her own words, Beyonce admits that her body has changed and she's not in a rush to snap back to the size she was before Sir and Rumi were born.

This grounded attitude towards motherhood and social pressures to get back to an ideal size is why our Queen stays on top.

On The Run 2: A Recap

First and foremost, this whole tour is a Virgo moment. We all know that Virgo women are known to be some of the most hard-working women on the planet. Sound familiar? 

Virgo women are also known to be the most loyal. Loyal, as in touring with the man who famously — but still allegedly! — betrayed your trust.


The tour set ticket sale records.

The Carters are here and they are stronger than ever, evidenced by the record-breaking ticket sales.

Now, in the last few weeks, in Virgo season no less, we've witnessed platinum artists cancel shows (sorry Drake) and entire North American tours (sorry Nicki).

It's as if no one could match Beyonce's hustle. 

The Carters even added shows to accommodate the demand from fans. Keep breaking records please.

B's b-day was a whole EVENT.

Does your fave take a week off to celebrate herself? And do her adoring fans understand that she deserves that time? And then do they wait for her to be fully recovered from her celebrations because they know she needs her rest and relaxation?

The Beyhive understands.

That's why from September 1 through September 10, there are no live Beyonce shows. We honor the Queen as she honors herself.

It's called self-care, people. Our Virgo queen knows.

She's giving the people SCHOLARSHIPS.

Beyonce and Jay-Z announced that during the last leg of their tour, they're giving away ten scholarships of $100,000 each to high-achieving scholars who demonstrate financial need. Virgo's are known to be charitable so there you go.

This is not the first time either of them have given major money to students

Something tells me it won't be the last, either.

She refuses to suffer fools.

Perhaps you heard about the Atlanta show where a drunk fan stormed the stage at the end of the concert. Now, that fan, 26-year old Anthony Charles Maxwell has been charged with battery

And what did Beyonce have to say about it?

According to her publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, the couple was "fine and looking forward to performing at their next show". Oof. The shade. They don't even mention the incident. Way to make poor Mr. Maxwell feel real unimportant.

She even replaced a whole-ass football field.

OTRII performed at South Carolina's William-Brice Stadium on August 21, just weeks before their September 1 opener. 

But OTRII concert promoters understood what they were doing and gladly footed the $200,000 bill...because the concert was worth it, guys!!!

While some at The University of South Carolina lamented the concert (fools), others had positive things to say about the experience. Assistant athletic director Clark Cox told ESPN that sod advancements have come so far that games can be played immediately after it’s put down.

I don't know about you, but Clark Cox sounds like a member of the Beyhive. Long live our queen.