coachella beyonce wardrobe malfunction

Something went very wrong with Beyonce's Coachella outfit.

photo: Coachella/Beyonce

I watched the last half of Beyonce's historic Coachella performance literally holding my breath, partly because it was the kind of performance that takes your breath away and partly because I was worried that her boob was going to come out. 

Our Queen Bey danced so hard that her camouflage bodysuit couldn't keep up.  

Beysus had to hold her hand over her chest as she danced to "Single Ladies" to keep from having a nip-slip.

coachella beyonce nip slip
photo: Coachella/Beyonce

And when she whipped her hair it looked like the outfit had torn in the back. 

coachella beyonce wardrobe malfunction
photo: Coachella/Beyonce

Obviously she was giving her all to the performance and there were no breaks in the last segment where she could go backstage or get a peek at what was going on back there. All she likely knew was that there was a rip somewhere and she went into cautionary mode. 

Not only that, her thigh-high boots fell down on the job and turned into... gasp... pirate boots. 

coachella beyonce boots
photo: Coachella/Beyonce

Kelly Rowland was wearing the same boots during the Destiny's Child segment and they fell down on her, too. 

Somebody is definitely fired. 

The wardrobe malfunctions first began during the Destiny's Child segment, while the trio was transitioning from "Say My Name" to "Soldier."   

beyonce wardrobe malfunction coachella
photo: Coachella/Beyonce

You could see her tugging the tank top right before singing, "We like them boys up top from the BK" and putting her hands up in a triangle.  

Her outfit was compromised at the exact moment before her two most rigorous dance songs: "Get Me Bodied" and "Single Ladies." 

coachella beyonce
photo: Coachella/Beyonce

Beyoncé is a noted perfectionist who likes to control her image as much as possible. Having a wardrobe malfunction and not being able to give her all to the dance moves must have made her see red, but she couldn't show it. And she didn't — because she's a goddamn professional. 

"Who is responsible for this?!" Twitter collectively screamed. 

We do not deserve to see Beyonce's tits. This is a matter of national security. 

The designer for all of Bey's Coachella looks is Balmain, helmed by Olivier Rousteing. I can only imagine the horror with which Rousteing watched the final leg of Bey's Coachella performance. 

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But this is all a reminder of why Beyoncé is the greatest performer who ever lived. 

Costume kerfuffle be damned. She slayed Beychella like only she could. 

coachella beyonce
photo: Coachella/Beyonce

As the first Black woman to headline Coachella, she BROUGHT. IT. HOME. 

Beyoncé is set to perform a final set at Coachella this weekend on April 21. You can bet your whole life that there won't be a wardrobe malfunction. 

beyonce coachella
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Get ready for part two, world.