There are no words to describe this.

Someone on Twitter made a meme of a whitewashed Beyoncé, stating that she'd look "prettier" if she was born white.

To call this racist, disgusting, and downright foul would be the understatement of the century.

Of course, the Beyhive went IN.

Some responded with a good 'ol heaving helping of FACTS.

Some just put it bluntly.

Beyhive wasn't playing around.


Whitewashing, or claiming someone would be prettier if they were born a different race, is not OK.

Whitewashing, like blackface, detracts from the idea that all races, ethnicities, and physical features are beautiful. To claim someone should've been born a different race not only implies the race they were originally born with isn't good enough, it also implies that one race is better than the other.

Unfortunately, Beyoncé has a long history of whitewashing. Earlier this summer, her wax figure was accused of being much whiter than the star is in real life. Additionally, L'Oreal was accused of Photoshopping ads with the singer in order to make her look whiter.

Hopefully, that troll got a much-needed education.