Think about your high school boyfriend. Now imagine if everyone in your life INSISTED you stayed with him, despite the fact that you've grown immensely since then. 

Turns your stomach, right?

That's probably what it feels like for Selena Gomez who, despite overcoming personal angst and reaching new professional heights, still seems to get dragged back into the drama with her teen ex, Justin Bieber, thanks to his "fans."

This time, they came for her boyfriend and her booty — and people are not having it. 

Instagram user "jelenawillrise2017," — yes, really — who has since gone private, posted the below photo with the caption “I’m dead. #chubbel.”

Clearly a dig at The Weeknd's real name, Abel, the photo aimed to compare a casual paparazzi shot of The Weeknd to a clearly photoshopped image of Justin Bieber.

User teenhollywood.ud reposted it with the caption, "So we are body shaming now... I get people don't like Abelena but don't go body shaming to prove your point." The post exploded with comments.

The post also included body-shaming comments toward Selena herself.

Can I get a:

photo: Giphy

The thing is, no matter what nostalgia Jelenas/Beliebers hold on to, that doesn't give them the right to tear any of these people down.

weird threesome
photo: Splash News

Can't we just judge people on their character, or lack thereof? Jesus.