Billie Eilish
photo: Getty Images

Billie Eilish has the creepy aesthetic down perfectly, so it should come as no surprise that when she broke her nail and it left a mark, she'd share it for the entire internet to see. 

Known for her baggy clothes and tomboyish style, the long claws are a somewhat new addition to the 17-year-old's style. She's been seen sporting the talons in recent concerts and on her Instagram for the past few months. But it may be the end of the long fingernails for the pop star now that they've proven to be somewhat dangerous. 

Not to worry, though, Billie — there are plenty of ways to deck out short nails, too. 

The young musician has been rocking super-long green fingernails as of late. 

Eilish shared this image rocking her collaborative line with Freak City LA set against a graffiti backdrop. Her bright green nails pull together the ensemble, and she looks as hardcore as ever. The look may be stylish and cool, but she soon found out that it can also be painful and dangerous. 

Eilish recently discovered the horror of a broken acrylic nail. 

She shared an image of a bloodied ring finger missing one long green talon to her Instagram story. A fan account saved the image captioned, "Ok now it's REALLY enough with the nails." On the second slide she showed a picture of her punctured hand and wrote, "Okay enough with the nails. that [redacted] is literally a hole." 

The new nails have been a staple of her style for the past few months. 

She even showed up to meet her inspiration and icon Avril Lavigne sporting the claws. The edgy, fashionable '00s musician surely loved the dark look. Eilish captioned this sweet post with Lavigne, "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHAT I AM." 

Honestly, the look makes sense with her dark fashion sense. 

If the nails weren't so painful, I'm sure she'd keep them, as they go perfectly with her creepy aesthetic. "Does ur long nails ever hurt??" one follower asked in the comments. I'm sure now that she'd say yes, yes they do. 

Any out-there outfit she wears is made complete with the razor-sharp talons.

Even this Powerpuff Girls-themed set looks 10 times better with a set of long nude nails. Her style is impeccably done with purple space buns and plenty of jewelry and a crossbody bag to accessorize. Now Billie has learned that beauty is pain, however, and it might be time to switch to a shorter nail look. 

But she's now seen how deadly they can actually be and might be calling off the look for now. 

In this photo from earlier this year, she didn't have any kind of polish or acrylic applied to her fingernails. The new style is something the singer has tried out recently, and it might be over already. Eilish showed off the designer looks she sports in this bathroom mirror selfie, "Guess i got caught in the middle of it," she wrote. 

Of course, the music video expert has never been afraid of a little pain to achieve the right aesthetic.

Posting a bloody fingernail is hardly the creepiest or grossest visual the artist has blessed us with. In behind-the-scenes images and videos for her music video "When the Party's Over," she showed off the liquid that dripped into her actual eyeballs, and it was pretty horrifying. While looking at a bloody nail first thing in the morning isn't what anyone would want to see, if you're following Billie Eilish, it's sort of to be expected.