Billie Eilish hair journey
photo: Getty Images

Billie Eilish has become a style and attitude icon for a new generation of teens and young adults.

The creepy-cool vibe of the artist is shown off through her music videos and posts on Instagram, plus her style shines through with the vibrant, ever-changing hairstyles she wears. 

The 17-year-old has skyrocketed to success at such a young age thanks to her energetic performances and catchy fluid vocals. In an interview for the cover of Rolling Stone, the young star divulged all of the pros and cons that come with fame, as well as dealing with depression and anxiety

Already a major pop sensation and genre-bending artist, Eilish has had a strong start to what's likely to be a lengthy career. Fans should have hair and style inspiration for years to come, and even more hair colors to admire. 

At the start of her career with the release of "Ocean Eyes," her hair was white blonde. 

Eilish rocked the ultimate platinum color, veering away from her natural dirty blonde. This is the hair color that original fans of the artist will recognize from the cover art of "Ocean Eyes," her first hit single. At only 14 years old, the song that she and her brother created in a bedroom studio rose up the charts.

The star dabbled in a few different pale blonde iterations, including this lavender look. 

In 2017 Eilish had a girlier style than her androgynous looks of today. These wavy lavender locks are a stark contrast to the dark edgy tones she now sports. Even then, though, she loved a baggy sweatshirt above all else. 

Her edgy style started to come forward with this cool steely gray color. 

As Eilish grew in popularity and developed a steady social media following, her style transitioned to the punk fashion she's known for. This steel gray color makes her bright blue eyes pop, especially paired with neon green. Even at 15, she had her stone cold face mastered. 

The color Eilish is best known for is pale blue, like this color she showed off in this rare smiling photo. 

Eilish flashed a rare grin in this 2018 post with one of her best friends. The star kept her pale blue locks tucked away into a messy bun, and wore a boxy red button-down. Fans were obsessed with her rare smile and left plenty of compliments on the Snap. 

The singer began testing the waters with darker colors with this vibrant blue. 

The blue tone and space buns gave off major fairy vibes, and Eilish recognized that. The teen commented, "nori from barbie fairytopia [redacted]," referencing an early '00s animated Barbie movie. The star felt that bright color and kept experimenting with even more similar looks in the months to come. 

The then 16-year-old had an almost-ombré style happening with this dark blue color. 

Either Eilish just got her roots touched up, or she was attempting a blue ombré. Regardless, the look worked for the young star, and she looked chic and cool. This shot promoted a luxury jewelry and watch brand, beginning a designer phase for the fast-growing artist. 

Just ahead of her 17th birthday, Eilish showed off a new turquoise color with dark roots. 

Eilish is known for color with dark roots. The lived-in style was once despised, but now it gives off a flippant vibe that reads as too-cool. Eilish's love for blue hair always brings out the bright color in her eyes. 

When all of her mesmerizing, scary music videos dropped, she sported that signature pale blue color. 

The videos for every single one of her music videos were produced with extreme care and intention. Each one was inspired by something in Eilish's dark mind, and she paid attention to every minute detail. The pale bluish-green hue featured in the "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" video was a signature color that many thought of when the artist came to mind. 

Eilish debuted a dark color shortly after the release of the creepy-cool album. 

Her debut solo album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? featuring songs like "Bury a Friend," "Bad Guy," and "When the Party's Over," dropped in March 2019. The dark hue is featured on her album cover that is starkly juxtaposed with her all-white eyeballs. At the iHeart Radio awards show, Eilish wore a Sailor Moon-inspired suit with chunky sneakers. 

The color bounced between black and an almost blackish blue during those months. 

Eilish toured her new album, dropped by various magazines and press junkets, and won multiple awards in the months following the album's drop. She also kept her hair super dark with the newfound aesthetic. But blue hues seemed to be present in certain lighting, so maybe she was playing with other colors at the same time. 

Then her hair was a true dark black immortalized on the cover of Rolling Stone.

As she tours the country, a dark hair color is present for most of the shows. What hasn't changed in the years she's been in the spotlight is the length of her locks. Eilish has maintained a standard cut, but sometimes throws her messy hair into a topknot bun or space buns. 

Now she's rocking bright green roots with the black hairstyle à la Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. 

Always a neon green lover, Eilish is now featuring that color on her head. Even while walking in a Chanel fashion show, the young star sported the edgy color combination. The punk/goth style is here to stay, no matter what color she decides on next.