Billie Eilish
photo: Getty Images

Billie Eilish is a music video mastermind. Each one tells a different story, with creepy visuals and an overall dark aesthetic. The young artist has shared that they're all her own ideas. 

The 17-year-old's latest creation, the video for "All the Good Girls Go to Hell," is just as haunting as her previous, but this time it has an even more significant message: climate change. The musician penned a note in the description of her video that calls young people to action, and references the world climate strike coming up in September. 

The video itself is stunning, but knowing that it's supporting a cause makes it even more beautiful. 

Horror is kind of Eilish's thing, and her previous music videos have displayed that. 

The video for "When the Party's Over" features insane visuals that were both computer generated and practical. Eilish shared a disturbing behind-the-scenes clip that showed the black liquid actually dripping into her eyes, causing them to turn a sickly dark black. After viewing her latest music video, it's clear that they all feature the same creepy vibe and a connecting storyline. 

"Bury a Friend" is actually a prequel of sorts to her latest video. 

This song and video just might be the dark-minded teen's scariest yet, and has true horror movie vibes. The freaky needles that poke into the singer's back and disperse a mysterious dark liquid come up again in her new video. Eilish said that "Bury a Friend" was so scary that it even gave her nightmares after creating it. 

If the symbolism in the video wasn't enough, Eilish also left a note about climate change in the description. 

Eilish told her viewers about the upcoming Global Climate Strike, which is happening on September 20 and 27. The strike is a reaction to the overuse of fossil fuels, and takes place after the UN's Climate Action Summit to discuss possible solutions to the issue. If Eilish's new video wasn't enough to make you demand change, then this call to action will. 

The lyrics are clearly about the declining environment and climate change epidemic. 

In Eilish's song she references the wildfires in California, "Hills burn in California // My turn to ignore ya // Don't say I didn't warn ya." Some of her fans made this realization and gave their own explanation on Twitter. 

One person wrote, "Y'all realize Billie Eilish’s song ‘All the Good Girls Go to Hell’ is about climate change and how we are destroying the earth and then asking God for help as if we didn't put ourselves in this situation."

The start of the video features the singer falling into a pit of black muck symbolizing animals stuck in oil spills. 

Another fan realized how meaningful the message of the video actually is. "It was about climate change and the wildlife all around us that’s burning and killing the animals at the beginning she falls into a pit of oil represents the oil spill in the ocean. Now I get it, love it Billie, save the wildlife," they wrote. 

Watch the video and determine the meaning for yourself. 

Eilish has now made her stance on the environmental crisis clear. "Man is such a fool / Why are we saving him? / Poisoning themselves now / Begging for our help, wow!" she sings. At least she hasn't given up hope yet, and has made this video in an attempt to wake up her fans to the bigger issue at hand.