Blac Chyna facetime
photo: Instagram/Blac Chyna

People get more and more creative with making money. Blac Chyna is one of those people, now charging exponential prices for a follow back and FaceTime call. Needless to say, the prices are a bit high, but that's not stopping the socialite from selling it. 

And in case you don't have $950 to spare, don't worry. She has a payment plan.

The pandemic has greatly affected those who make the majority of their living through social media and appearances.

As just about everything shuts down, it's harder than ever for socialites and influencers to make money. And while Blac Chyna surely has multiple streams of income, she too seems to be looking for some ways to make some cash during this time as well. So she's doing so with what else? Social media. And now, people are a little confused.

For a hefty fee, you can FaceTime with Blac Chyna.

Blac Chyna facetime
photo: Lashed Cosmetics

For the low price of $950, Blac Chyna will FaceTime you. According to her cosmetics page Lashed Cosmetics, the socialite will give you a ring for just under $1,000. No word on how long the call will be, but we're sure you probably can't expect anymore than 15 to 30 minutes. 

And for another hefty fee, she'll follow you back on Instagram. 

Blac Chyna follow back
photo: Lashed Cosmetics

Want to have the bragging rights to say that Blac Chyna follows you? Well, you can. For $250, she will fit that blue button on your page, and all you have to do is include your @ name in the checkout. 

Hey, a girl's gotta work.

It's a bit strange to say the least, but we can surely understand having to make some money. No word on how successful her recent venture has been, but we're not anticipating that she'll be making many FaceTime calls.