Blake Lively is good at many things, but there are two talents that stand out above the rest. No, not acting (although she is phenomenal); I'm talking about her ability to rock a pantsuit like nobody's business and her social media trolling skills, of course. Lively probably comes in a close second behind Chrissy Teigen for the best comebacks on social media.

So, when a so-called "fan" tried roasting her glorious pantsuit style via Instagram, you can bet that Lively was not having it.

Lively's "A Simple Favor" press tour has not been short of jaw-dropping fashion. She managed to slay six designer outfits in a single day, which included many menswear-inspired pieces.

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One "fan," however, wasn't quite feeling her pantsuit aesthetic.

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So, obviously, he had to tell everyone on Instagram.

Lively posted this stellar multicolored plaid ensemble and jokingly compared it to a picnic tablecloth.

Picnic anyone? I’ll bring the tablecloth...

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It's from Roland Mouret's Resort 2019 collection.

Naturally, her accessorizing was on point as well.

My kinda candy ????????????

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But a certain fan wasn't loving her latest styling choices and told her with "so much love & respect" that she should fire her stylist. He clearly lives in a different world.

Little did he know, Lively famously acts as her own stylist. She is the Serena van der Woodsen, after all.

The actress caught wind of the comment and took a break from her usual trolling of husband Ryan Reynolds to roast her Insta hater with an epic response.

Blake ???????? #CommentsByCelebs

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"Thank you for the tips, sir," she clapped back. "Alas, I've tried to fire @blakelively so many times. But that b*tch just keeps coming back. She won't leave me alone."

In other words? Don't come for the comeback queen.

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Here's hoping that her hubby joins in on the trolling.

So, why does Lively act as her own stylist anyway?

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Basically, she said, it's another way to express herself creatively. Oh, and it's fun, duh!

"I love design, and I love fashion, and it’s a way to be creative," she told WWD earlier this year.

...Back to school night. ????????????

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"In my job I get to be creative, but it’s over a period of time, and so many other people are involved, whereas this is a beginning, middle, and end, and I get to be creative and there’s an end date in the near future."

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She added, "It’s the same reason why I like doing my friends’ hair and makeup or cooking — you get to be creative and finish it. Whereas with my job, you do it, and then two years later it’s finished. It probably goes back to the control issues."

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"It’s like, 'OK, I did it, I completed it, it’s done!' " she said.

Lively constantly makes Hollywood's "best dressed" lists, so I think it's safe to say her "stylist" is doing just fine.

???????????? mom’s night out

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And for what it's worth, we think she looks great no matter what she wears!

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