British woman Rachael Knappier attended a Botox party. The only trouble was her beautician wasn't exactly the best. Knappier ended up in the emergency room because she had Botox injected into an artery. It doesn't go there kids. 

"We are one of the few western countries who regard [fillers] as a device not a medicine," Dr. Marc Pacifico, a consultant plastic surgeon from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, told BBC News. "There have even been cases of blindness."

Before you modify your body in any way, do your research, kids!

Rachael Knappier attended a Botox party. After receiving lip injections, her lips tripled in size. She almost lost them to necrosis.

Same, Deray, same. 

According to Nicole Frontera Beauty, "Botox parties are a great way to spend time with friends and receive the most effective wrinkle reducing treatment on the market!" Essentially, a beautician comes to your home and gives your gal pals Botox injections over cocktails. 

Knappier wanted only forehead injections, but the beautician pointed out an insecurity she had with her lips: a lump caused by an accident when she was 13.

"That lump is my number one insecurity. As she pointed it out, I was just drawn in," she told BBC News.

After the party she felt sick when she went to bed, woke up, and could no longer feel her lips. The beautician had injected the Botox into an artery.

"I needed multiple emergency treatments to save my dying lip. She is not qualified to perform any of the medical treatment I needed as she is a beautician. She did not get me to sign any consent forms and also injected a filler I did not request or pay for!" she wrote on Facebook. 

Knappier believes that due to poor regulations in Britain, not all aestheticians are qualified. She is now petitioning for more regulations, and that the law states only doctors, nurses, and dentists perform this kind of procedure. 

At the emergency room, Knappier was shaking and vomiting. However, the National Health Service would not dissolve the filler, they would only make sure her health was well. Knappier went to Consultant Clinic in London where they were able to dissolve the injections.