Oscar winner and all-around icon Brie Larson put in some serious work to prepare for her role in Captain Marvel. From weight lifting to rock climbing, she dedicated lots of her time over the last few months to building muscle and increasing her physical strength with the help of celebrity trainer Jason Walsh. And it's definitely paid off.

Recently, the actress shared a video of one of her most impressive fitness feats: pushing a 5,000-pound Jeep. While most people were stunned by Larson's strength, calling her Captain Marvel IRL, some men felt the need to trivialize her efforts. Because of course.

By now, you probably know that Brie Larson is playing Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel in the film of the same name.


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The story follows Carol Danvers (Larson) after she left planet Earth to join a team named Starforce. It's not an origin story; she'll already have her powers, but will return to form an alliance with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

She's trained her butt off to get into character, as many actors do for superhero films.

275lbs —> @whatsgabycookin ????

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Her training routine has been intense, to say the least. According to Inquistr, it's included steel chain pull-ups, weighted pushups, 200-plus pound deadlifts, 275-pound hip thrusts, and more.

Recently, the actress shared a video of one of her most impressive training exercises: pushing a car by herself.

"A training highlight - pushing @risemovement almost 5000lbs Jeep (with a full tank of gas and Alyssa behind the wheel for safety!) for 60 seconds," she captioned the video of her demonstrating her massive strength.

Many people were in awe of Larson's abilities. I mean, 5,000 pounds is pretty crazy!

"This is just a reminder that Brie Larson prepared so hard for the role of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and literally pushed a whole ass car on her own. She really is THAT powerful and dedicated," one person said on Twitter.

Some people asked Larson to come save them if and when they ever get stranded on the side of the road.

"I hope someday my car breaks down on the middle of the highway and then all of a sudden, what's that? It's a random Brie Larson running down the highway, pushing my car to the side and away from danger," Twitter user Sophie said.

Others joked that they can barely open water bottles, let alone push any substantial amount of weight.

"I can't even open a water bottle," Twitter user @chromroxachu said. I think we all can relate, girl. Jars, bottles, etc. are not my specialty.

But men in particular are not very impressed by her strength, because of course they aren't.

"Although she looks good, no offense to her, but I've seen women at the gym who do crossfit recreationally after work who have a more athletic female physique," one salty guy wrote.

Besides discrediting her, some tried mansplaining how pushing a car works.

"They can pump her ego all they want to promote the movie....but it's not difficult. In fact, it takes very little force to push a car," this person said.

This person scoffed at the clip, saying "Big deal! The vehicle is in neutral on level, paved street."

Despite the criticism, Larson is proud of herself, as she should be. It may have started out as a joke, but we're still highly impressed! I'd also like to to bet that literally none of these men have ever tried to push a car by themselves.

Recently, Larson also ruffled feathers amongst men online when she declared she wanted more diversity on the Captain Marvel press tour.

"Guess my white privileged ass will be sitting out this junket," Paul Shirey wrote on Twitter, although he claimed later it was a joke.

Some said that by wanting a more diverse press tour she was "antagonizing and insulting the core audience for the film."

In reality, she's working hard and actively using her own privilege to help create a better environment in the film industry and ensure everyone is included.

Anyways, you can see Larson show off her strength in Captain Marvel on March 8, 2019.

Does this mean I can forever brag about *~*playing*~* in the Super Bowl?

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The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Gemma Chan (Minn-Erva), Lee Pace (Ronan), Ben Mendelsohn (Talos), Jude Law (Walter Lawson / Mar-Vell), and Djimon Hounsou (Korath).

Watch the full trailer below and get excited!

Whether she's pushing a car using her own strength or saving the world as Captain Marvel, Larson is someone we can all look up to.