You may know Brody Jenner for his stint on MTV's reality show "The Hills," his several appearances on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," or as Caitlyn Jenner's son. What you don't know about Mr. Jenner is that he's got some opinions on police brutality. 

And they're getting on a lot of people's nerves.

Jenner is the latest celebrity to share his opinions about the Keith Lamont Scott shooting and the "Black Lives Matter" movement — and Jenner is Team "All Lives Matter."  

After reposting his friend's Instagram post on Sunday (September 25), complaining about why the topic of race continues to come up in incidents of police brutality, the reality star began to receive a lot of online backlash. If you think the hate made the 33-year-old feel like he did something wrong, then you would be incorrect. Once he deleted the controversial post, he put up three more photos with the caption "#alllivesmatter."

"All Lives Matter" if you're two white guys and a dog.

All lives matter.

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Dogs REALLY need protection from police brutality.


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The internet hit back hard, and even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton thought Jenner's comments were out of line.

One person accused Jenner of basically saying that he didn't want to hear about Black people being murdered because it makes him uncomfortable and it doesn't affect his life.


Another called out Jenner for trying to tell Black people how they should properly react to something he knows nothing about — and will never experience.

This tweet astutely pointed out the hypocrisy of those who back the #AllLivesMatter movement.

Many noted that Jenner's rich, white male privilege is blinding him to some basic truths about Black people's experiences.

As for Jenner's defense that he's not racist...

And of course a lot of people mentioned Jenner's connection to a certain famous family.

Maybe Jenner will  learn something from this situation. It certainly won't be blowing over anytime soon (because Black Twitter never forgets), but hopefully this has taught him to not speak on topics that you have no knowledge of. 

Or maybe he's learned to just not speak. Ever. Again.

But hey, good luck with that DJ career.

Loving the vibe. Poolside at @hrhpalmsprings for yacht rock #palmsprings #thisishardrock

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